Adin Ross throws a dumbbell at his Tesla Cybertruck, here’s what happened next

Famous Kick streamer Adin Ross recently became a proud owner of a Tesla Cybertruck. During one of his streams, in order to test the car’s strength and durability, Ross threw a dumbbell at it. The 23-year-old internet personality slammed his car with weights not just once but multiple times. His unconventional way of testing out how fast Elon Musk’s latest automobile creation wears out left his fans baffled.

Adin Ross throws a dumbbell at his Tesla Cybertruck(Adin Ross/YouTube)
Adin Ross throws a dumbbell at his Tesla Cybertruck(Adin Ross/YouTube)

Adin Ross throws dumbbell at Tesla Cybertruck

During a recent Kick livestream, Ross threw a dumbbell at the rear door of his Cybertruck. When nothing happened to it, the streamer then invited his friend, who was standing nearby, to try out his luck. After a couple of attempts, Ross and his friends inspected the car only to find out that no damages were sustained.

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Ross then decided to kick on the car to test its strength, much to his audience’s surprise. One of his friends even started bouncing a basketball off of the car. The group’s methods kept the audience engaged as they laughed along. Shortly after they were satisfied with their tests, they all tried to get into the car but, funnily enough, couldn’t open the door.

After multiple attempts, they were finally successful in getting inside the car. Ross then showcased the interior of the Cybertruck to his livestream audience. Ross, who was visibly excited to show off his brand-new car to his friends, asked one of them to connect his phone to the car to play music.

Fans react to Adin Ross’ bizarre tests on Cybertruck

Ross’ fans flocked to the comment section to share their views on Ross’ bizarre tests. One fan wrote on YouTube, “tesla truck looks crazy. cant believe he kick it and zero dents.” Another said, “I bet if Adin reached out to Elon for a test drive in his new truck bet he would have.”

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