After Rasengan, Boruto unlocks powerful jutsu inherited from the 4th Hokage

In the latest twists of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, the Uzumaki legacy takes center stage as Boruto unveils a powerful jutsu inherited from his grandfather, Minato Namikaze. Chapter 4 brings forth the iconic Flying Raijin Jutsu, showcasing Boruto’s growth during his three-year exile from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Boruto unveils powerful jutsu inherited from his grandfather in latest chapter.
Boruto unveils powerful jutsu inherited from his grandfather in latest chapter.

The narrative unfolds in the midst of a gripping confrontation between Boruto and Code, introducing a formidable new threat. However, amidst the chaos, Boruto unveils a skill that puts him on par with his legendary grandfather. The Flying Raijin Jutsu, once wielded by Minato, allows Boruto to swiftly teleport across vast distances. This revelation underscores Boruto’s evolution, surpassing his previous capabilities from the original series.

Boruto’s newfound abilities, including a prolonged activation Rasengan and summoning toads, hint at the diverse training he underwent during his exile. The Flying Raijin Jutsu, however, steals the spotlight, adding a dynamic layer to his combat repertoire. The chapter not only marks Boruto’s proficiency in these techniques but also hints at the involvement of Kashin Koji, tying back to the legacy of Jiraiya.

Koji’s connection to Jiraiya becomes pivotal as Boruto’s mastery of the Flying Raijin Jutsu is revealed to be a product of this association. The narrative weaves a tale of mentorship and legacy, suggesting that Boruto has inherited not only his grandfather’s jutsu but also the teachings that would have come from Naruto in due time.

While the chapter leaves fans thrilled with Boruto’s newfound abilities, it also acknowledges his learning curve. Despite wielding a jutsu of great significance, Boruto admits to being a novice in its application. This humanizes the character, showcasing that even with inherited power, mastery requires time and experience.

As Boruto: Two Blue Vortex continues to unfold, the revelation of the Flying Raijin Jutsu adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, promising exciting developments in Boruto’s journey and his role in the ever-changing Hidden Leaf Village.

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