Amy Jackson’s Boyfriend Ed Westwick Shows Interest in Becoming a Bollywood Hero |

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Amy Jackson and Ed Westwick first met at an event in 2021. Their romance blossomed after a coffee date with their dogs. In January of this year, Ed proposed to Amy on a bridge in Switzerland. Photos of the proposal went viral, and many Indian celebrities, including Kiara Advani and Shruti Haasan, showed their love.
Amy Jackson spoke exclusively to News18 ahead of the release of her movie ‘Crakk: Jeethegaa Toh Jiyegaa’ about her viral proposal pictures with Ed. “He did it so well,” she exclaims. Amy reveals that she initially didn’t want to date someone from the same line of work but now has no complaints about dating an actor. “Being with Ed has made such a difference. I would keep saying that I’m not going to date an actor. But having somebody who’s supportive and understands your job is great,” says Amy, who is returning to Hindi movies after almost eight years.
Crediting him for being a support system to her, especially when it comes to her career, the Ekk Deewana Tha actor adds, “Ours is a job that’s very unusual. We’re on the road, and it’s different every day. Our schedules are here and there and everywhere, and having someone who understands that, encourages it, and just has your back is really special. We get along with each other, which is really nice. And that’s very important in a relationship.”
Last year, Ed made a grand arrival in Mumbai to show his support for his girlfriend’s Tamil film, ‘Mission: Chapter 1: Achcham Enbathu Illaiyae’. Along with Vedant Mahajan from MVM Entertainment, they threw a glamorous bash in the city, attended by several well-known Bollywood personalities like Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Shamita Shetty.
Speaking of his Mumbai visit, Amy shared that he wanted to watch Hindi movies during his stay. “Ed and I like watching films belonging to different genres and languages. He has been a producer on a few films. So, we do a little bit of research on different films. When Ed came to Mumbai last year, he was keen on watching some Bollywood films, and most of them were my films, which is very nice. I wanted him to get a better idea of Bollywood and learn about the industry.”
The 32-year-old also shares that Ed watched the trailer for “Crakk” during his visit. Describing his reaction, she says, “We’ve been watching a few films, and he loved them. He thinks Hindi movies are incredible. He saw the trailer for Crakk, and he went like, ‘Wow, Bollywood knows how to do action.’ He wants to be an action hero in Bollywood now (laughs).”

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