BTS’ Jungkook’s 7 favorite dishes fill Spotify’s billion club plaque

While serving his military duty, BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook, hasn’t missed a beat! True to his promise, he has already prepared a bucket full of surprises for the fandom. Spotify recently unveiled this special segment featuring the GOLDEN crooner during his trip to New York City where he was presented with his Billions Club silver plaque. Some of the BTS members’ most beloved dishes were included in the palette. Take a look.


Spotify unveils BTS’ Jungkook’s favorite dishes

GOLDEN, is setting fire to the international music charts and Spotify’s top lists, shattering ‘Billions’ records one by one. His debut solo single, SEVEN, featuring American rapper Latto achieved a remarkable one billion streams. To celebrate this monumental achievement, Jungkook didn’t just take a bow – he threw a royal feast! Instead of popping champagne, Jungkook indulged in his other passion: food! He sat down to savor a carefully curated selection of his seven all-time favorite Korean dishes, presented on a gleaming silver platter.

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Tuna gimbap: This was the first pick of Jungkook from the silver platter who stated that he loves Tuna Kimbap the most. These are sea rolls filled with fishy charm, seaweed wrapped with ocean’s warm.

Gochujang Shrimp Crackers: Jungkook, used to classic hot shrimp crackers back home, stumbled upon a surprising twist in the U.S. – gochujang shrimp crackers, promising a taste bud-tingling adventure.

Soy sauce eggs:Jungkook’s third choice was soy sauce eggs, a dish he confessed to not having frequently. With rich marbling, a savory immersion, and a comforting essence in every yolk, it was a delightful indulgence for him.

Haitai Homerun Ball:Chewy delight with swirls of chocolate magic in creamy clouds. Jungkook, the king of snack hacks, recommends a quick air fryer blast to enjoy the snack.

Japchae: Whether RUN BTS or Bon Voyage we have seen BTS members enjoying Japchae the most over anything. These are the stir-fried glass noodles with asweet and savory taste.

Banana Milk: Next comes the legendary banana milk which the whole fandom knows how much Jungkook has loved since his debut days. Oh, he is one good endorser of banana milk

Castella: Last but not least we have castella. These are soft, buttery spongecakes with a light and airy texture. The reason he chose castella was because he loves having it with banana milk. Try it.

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