Darshan Raval on fans misbehaving with artistes: It should not be tolerated

After a successful India tour last year, Darshan Raval is once again set to commence his India tour. “My last India tour was a great success so we thought of making it even bigger this time. We are changing a lot of things and adding surprises for my fans. I don’t want to give out any hints but audiences should look forward to a wholesome experience there,” he says.

Darshan Raval is commencing India tour from December 30
Darshan Raval is commencing India tour from December 30

Raval feels there could not have been a better time for the concerts. “First of all the weather is amazing. Secondly, I have just released by singer Saajan Ve, which people are loving. After a long time, I wasn’t thinking much while creating music and that’s why whatever was created was made from my heart and I want more and more people to hear the song,” he shares with us.

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Ahead of his 10-city tour, the singer also addresses the safety concerts at such events, since there have been several mishaps in the past. “What has happened with me is people have jumped onto the stage from behind and tried to get hold of me. My fans have tried to break the security barricades, and that’s equally dangerous. In situations like these, the safety concern arises because we don’t know who the person is and what the intentions are. It could be out of love but it’s not the right thing to do. Getting emotional seeing your favourite artiste is not a problem, but running down to the stage is,” he shares.

About people throwing water bottles and other stuff at the artiste on stage, Raval says, “It’s big big insult to the artiste. Imagine the artiste doing this to you. Would you like it? This should not be tolerated. Aaj paani hai, toh kal kuch bhi ho sakta hai.”

While it has not happened with him before, Raval says, “If someone throws something at me, I will lose my cool and that’s going to spoil the mood of everyone present.”

While fans have often crossed the line and misbehaved, Raval at this point, mentions the negligence of the management. “A lot of time, fans are not responsible. Mishaps happen because the event is not well managed. Tickets sold by the management are more then the capacity of the venue. 2 hazaar ki capacity me 5 hazaar log aajate hain, leading to suffocation. This has led to such bad experiences that people have lost their loved ones as well.”

Raval says this is something that fans as well management need to understand and safety needs to be the top most priority. “

Safety and management was compromised at few of his events in the past and Raval says that’s what made him realise to take strict measures. “Apart from my India tour last year, there were so many other events that I did aur usme management ke issues hote the. But that was not our management. Waha se koi karta tha. My fans used to get hurt and had to suffer. That’s when we started India tour and made sure that everything is managed well by us. If I am enjoying on the stage, people will be happy. If my mood is ruined because somebody has thrown water on me, 5 thousand people will be disappointed,” says the singer, who will be going to cities such as Bangalore, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Delhi among others during this India tour

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