Deepika Padukone reveals Ranveer Singh created a safe space for her and was very patient when she was battling with depression

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh made their first appearance together on ‘Koffee With Karan’ and it was their first interview together, five years after their wedding. Just as this episode was unveiled at 12 am, fans couldn’t stop gushing over their love. Deepveer also dropped their wedding video for the first time and it left everyone speechless and emotional, including Karan Johar. During the in-depth conversation on the show, both the actors spoke about Deepika’s battle with depression.
While Ranveer revealed how he dealt with this situation, DP confesses that Ranveer created this ‘safe space’ for her and was very patient.Ranveer said, “When it first happened in 2014, I was shooting. She called and she said ‘I’ve had a blackout and I’ve had a fall. Can you come home?’ I cut the call and I was on my bike straight to her house. When I saw her, something wasn’t right. She’s in front, she’s looking at you but she’s not all there.”
Later, one day they were having breakfast together and she was constantly crying. That’s when Ranveer felt helpless. He added, “One day at breakfast she was sitting across me and she was just crying and there were just tears. Copious tears flowing down. I got up and went to her and I was like ‘Kya hua baby? Main kya kar sakta hoon aapke liye?’ The reason I remember that vividly is because it was that moment where I felt completely helpless.”
That’s when Ranveer called Deepika’s parents and sister from Bangalore. Deepika added to that and revealed how Ranveer was a help to her during this phase. DP said, “What he did at that point was that he created a safe space for me to open up. Not once did he say that, ‘it’s okay, forget it’, or ‘just let’s go on a drive’ or anything of that sort. At that point, he didn’t understand it much, today he understands it a lot better. But he was just all there. He has been so patient. It told me a lot about the person that he is. “
What fans found adorable is how, Ranveer kept giving re-assuring kisses to Deepika while she spoke about her tough time during depression. They called him ‘green flag’.
The actress says that she’s still on medication and it requires work every day so that she doesn’t get back to that phase again.

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