Dino Morea says he doesn’t want to opt for surrogacy or adoption to be a single father: ‘I need a partner and have kids’ | Hindi Movie News

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Dino Morea has been known for maintaining a private and low-key profile in terms of his personal life. The actor recently opened up about embracing parenthood and also talked about how media reportage impacted his relationships.
When asked about his plans to have a baby through surrogacy or adoption or after marrying somone, Dino told Bollywood Bubble that he really wants to have kids and want to be a father.But he does not want to do it on his own. He needs a partner and have kids, adding that he wouldn’t want to be a single father. He also well aware of himself that he will be a fantastic father.
Talking about media scrutiny, Dino said that there was always talk and sometimes it became incorrect. He added that when there’s so much being written about someone who’s a friend, there’s always something in their partner’s mind even when there’s absolutely nothing going on. And this is why he decided to keep his personal life private and he feels that people should respect that.

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“Things then get misconstrued totally, misunderstood. Even if your loyal partner has the utmost trust in you, somewhere you will get a little doubt thinking that people are writing and talking about it, so ‘what’s happening’? That’s it and then ‘what’s happening’ comes in, it’s a problem,” he said.

It’s no secret that Dino and Bipasha Basu had started dating at the beginning of their career. Though the two have moved on in life, their equation has remained the same. When Dino was asked to name a co-star who he thinks has a fiery chemistry with, without any hesitation, he said Bipasha, adding that he has done most of his films with her.

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