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She’s dressed immaculately, with a team keeping her makeup and hair in check. But Khushi Kapoor is a simple girl at heart, who would rather ditch the high heels and play with her two munchkins, Panda and Mochi.

Actor Khushi Kapoor poses exclusively for HT City on the occasion of Christmas.(Satish Bate)
Actor Khushi Kapoor poses exclusively for HT City on the occasion of Christmas.(Satish Bate)

The latest actor on the block who has become talk of the town after The Archies, she poses exclusively for HT City at her new Mumbai house, talking about everything under the sun:

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Santa came early this year for you, with your debut The Archies. What memories do you have of the day?

A lot of food, I link Christmas to that! And then spending time with my family and friends. We are putting up a tree for the first time in many years. It came home just after our shoot (laughs), we missed it. We moved houses after a very long time too.

People jet off usually at this time of the year. Would your family too?

Yes. I think maybe when we were kids, we would, a lot. Right now, everyone is busy, me, Janhvi, Anshula, we are working. It is a bit hard to coordinate everyone’s dates for a vacation. But we try and spend as much time possible.

What have you asked for from Santa this time?

I haven’t made a wish. I just hope to keep working, that’s my main goal right now. Touchwood, I am content with how things are going, I just want to keep working, growing. That’s my wish for 2024.

And a Christmas ritual you don’t miss?

A lunch or dinner

Khushi Kapoor at her sprawling house in Mumbai, posing for HT City(Satish Bate/ HT)
Khushi Kapoor at her sprawling house in Mumbai, posing for HT City(Satish Bate/ HT)

with my friends. This time too, that’s my plan for the day- baking some cookies at my home, being in fun Christmas pajamas. I am a homebody. I was much more social as a kid.

Was it a done decision to follow into your mother, the legend Sridevi and sister Janhvi’s footsteps?

Since my childhood, it’s all I knew to be honest. My playground was a movie set in some ways. I don’t think I knew anything else. I knew this is what I am going to do. Not for any other reason, but because I was interested in it from the word go. I was very fascinated by the camera, lights, being able to tell a story for a living. It was just understood.

Which movie sets of your family have you been to?

Growing up, mom had taken a backseat from acting, when I was very little. I vaguely remember her doing a show called Malini Iyer, and going to those sets very often. I just started knowing this is what acting is. Of course, dad (producer Boney Kapoor) had his own movie sets. I remember going to the sets of Wanted. The most vivid one for me is English Vinglish. I was around 12, old enough to be a part of the whole process. That was her first comeback film. We went to New York, I was there throughout the schedule. It’s one of my favourite film of hers.

It is a surprise that you auditioned for The Archies, when generally people would think you would have a launchpad waiting for you. What prompted you to go this way?

A lot of people from different backgrounds came together for this one. They all went through a rigorous audition process. I don’t think anyone was offered a part. A lot of thinking went into who is getting what. I didn’t go into this expecting to be handed anything. Neither did anyone else. I feel blessed I was able to do a film with so many amazing people. Zoya (Akhtar, director) and our entire production team, everyone became a family, because we were together constantly.

You grew up in the public eye since you belonged to a film family, but now you are facing the world as a celebrity in your own right. How’s the switch been?

Honestly, it’s been a bit strange. I wouldn’t say I am famous… it’s weird definitely. I would always accompany my parents and sister for certain events and outings. Now I am stepping out on my own. People are talking to me because of something of mine. They are appreciating me, it takes some getting used to. During promotions, we went to different colleges, I felt people would not care or notice me as much, that’s my personality. I was surprised to see so many people sending so much love. The only side we see on a daily basis is a comment on a phone, or direct messages. Most of the time it’s not very happy or pleasant. Meeting people and being appreciated in real life is like a reality check that you are doing good. You keep your head down and keep working. There will be people who will appreciate you and some won’t, that’s also fine.

You wore your mother’s dress from 2013 at the premiere of your debut film. Whose idea was it?

I didn’t plan it out. I was talking to my stylist before the premiere, who sent me options of different gowns I could have worn, new modern clothes. I am really into fashion, and been experimenting lately. People have started to appreciate and be interested in what I am wearing. When it came down to the premiere, I didn’t want to make any kind of fashion statement, it was an extremely big day for me. I was nervous, and in the week leading up to it, I had an idea. I wanted to wear something of hers, whether it’s a piece of jewellery or dress. I felt I needed some extra support that day. It is a big deal, I wanted her to be there with me in some way. So I went through some of the old clothes we have here and picked it out.

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