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Universal and Blumhouse’s Five Nights at Freddy’s has topped off charts and set quite a few records for itself since its opening at $78 million.

The audience has graced the movie an A-CinemaScore which is rare for any horror movie.
The audience has graced the movie an A-CinemaScore which is rare for any horror movie.

Despite debuting simultaneously on a sister streaming service, Peacock the movie hit off with a haul of $39.5 million on Friday with a $10.3 million from the Thursday preview.

Additionally, it has ranked up to be the third-biggest horror opening of all time in the US along with the best showing ever for a Halloween weekend. It leaves behind New Line’s two IT movies in a row.

Next, it is the biggest horror opening of 2023 to date, leaving behind Scream VI ($44.4 million). It has also ranked up to be the second-biggest opening of all time for a video-game adaptation behind The Super Mario Bros. Movie ($146.3 million)

It has earned about $52.6 million from its debut in 60 markets worldwide becoming this year’s biggest worldwide start for a horror film.

The audience has graced the movie an A-CinemaScore which is rare for any horror movie.

Josh Hutcherson plays a washed-up security guard in Emma Tammi’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, directed by her. He is forced to take a menial job protecting a long-closed family-themed pizzeria. The gigantic animatronic animal figures at the pizzeria are the only issue; they come to life and go on violent rampages. In addition, he’s attempting to keep his 10-year-old sister (Piper Rubio) under his complete control and keep her out of the hands of their Aunt Jane (Mary Stuart Masterson)

However, Aunty Jane ensues the disaster when she hires a group of local toughs to break into Freddy’s and trash the joint, while Mike is off-duty so that he loses his job. Well, the giant animatronic animals don’t like the interruption and are now on their way to exact revenge.

Kat Conner Sterling and Matthew Lillard are also starred in the movie. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop has created animatronic characters.

Universal insiders are of the opinion those who want the communal experience of watching a horror movie in a theatre can do so while Peacock does its work of wooing the much-needed subscribers. They added that the decision to do a day-and-date release proved to be a win for the overall ecosystem considering only paid-tier Peacock subscribers have access to the movie.

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