Jung Hae In and Kim Soo Hyun’s Bromance Shines with Coffee Truck Surprise on ‘Queen of Tears’ Set |

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Actors Jung Hae In and Kim Soo Hyun, despite never having shared the screen, recently showcased their bond with a thoughtful gesture. Jung Hae In, along with two other friends, orchestrated a delightful surprise by sending a coffee truck to the set of Kim Soo Hyun‘s upcoming romantic comedy-drama, ‘Queen of Tears’.
The images of the coffee truck adorned with stickers and banners featuring Kim Soo Hyun’s pictures swiftly captured the attention of ardent K-drama fans.The joyous expressions on the faces of both actors, as depicted on the banners, further fueled excitement among fans who couldn’t help but appreciate the genuine camaraderie shared by the two celebrities.

It is a well-known tradition in the Korean entertainment industry for celebrities to express support for their co-actors by sending coffee trucks to the filming locations. Despite their individual busy schedules, Jung Hae In and Kim Soo Hyun, both seasoned actors with over a decade of experience in the industry, continue to demonstrate the strength of their friendship through such thoughtful gestures.
Currently immersed in the filming of ‘Queen of Tears’, Kim Soo Hyun is paired opposite actress Kim Ji Won. The romantic comedy-drama recently teased fans with a glimpse of the lead pair playing a married couple navigating the challenges of sustaining their relationship amidst adversity. The narrative unfolds as the story of an arrogant woman and a humble man determined to overcome obstacles in their quest for lasting love.
On the other hand, Jung Hae In is gearing up for his next project, ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’, in which he stars alongside actress Jung So Min. Renowned for his prowess in melodramas, Jung Hae In is set to explore the romantic comedy genre in this upcoming series. ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son’ narrates the story of two individuals who, having been childhood friends due to their mothers’ close bond, reunite as adults. The plot unfolds as the female protagonist seeks to restart her life, while the male lead has become a successful architect.

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