Manan Bhardwaj addresses the controversy surrounding Animal’s music

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Sometime back, veteran lyricist Sameer Anjaan called out the makers of Animal for not giving credit to music composer Manan Bhardwaj and singer Bhupinder Babbal for Dang Khadke, which was part of the film’s pre-teaser. Now, Bhardwaj tells us that he remains unaffected by all of this discourses related to credits as his focus is work.

Manan Bhardwaj is a popular name in the Indian music industry.
Manan Bhardwaj is a popular name in the Indian music industry.

He shares, “If artiste stop complaining about things, we will have a lot more time to concentrate, work and enjoy the blessings that we have. Bahut blessings hain humaare paas. I stay away from these complaints. Agar mujhe laga kahi mujhe credit milna chaiye, I will tell them to do it.

The issue of artistes not getting their due in the industry has been highlighted time and again. But Bhardwaj once again reiterates the fact that it’s not something that interests him. He goes on, “An artiste should not think about so many things while working. When Animal’s pre-teaser was released and there was no credit given for the music, uska bahut bada controversy ban gya. Par jisko pata karna hota hai ki who is behind a particular song, wo pata karlete hain. It was my music and the song did very well. That’s all what I need.”

Bhardwaj explains that as someone who is working for the Hindi films, one has to understand “it’s a face driven industry and these are the truths that we need to accept”. He adds, “Moreover, the producer cannot put their energy into promoting that one song. It’s part of the film.”

Bhardwaj has worked with the biggest of banners and filmmakers in the past. While it brings along a lot of creditability and name, many artistes have talked about how they feel creatively restricted while working with such big production houses, given they come with their set requirement. But Bhardwaj’s experience has always been pleasant. “I have worked with the biggest directors, banners and production houses and it’s always been good because they have the clarity of what they want…from me, from their writer, from their music director. I have always felt that ease.”

In fact, he has a very interesting way of looking at those who are complaining. “When a composers or any artiste for the matter feel that they are compromising on their art, it’s because they are unable to meet the requirements of a project. Wo jo kahaawat hai na ki angoor nahi mile toh angoor khatte hain, it’s very much like that. When the director tells us the situation, the artistes try to crack it to get the desired result. But when they fail, they start playing the victim card in the name of not finding creative freedom. I don’t believe in it nor do I like being the victim. That’s what happens in the industry.”

Bhardwaj says it’s okay to accept that you are unable to do a certain thing. “Acceptance honi chaiye ki aap har gaana nahi kar sakte. Failure ko accept karna bahut zaroori hai. For example, when I was working on director Kunal Deshmukh’s Shiddat, I started working on the title track. And he was mesmerized by it. He said, ‘It’s happened for the first time that I haven’t suggested changes in the lyrics.’ I was very happy and I started working on other songs. I made 15-17 songs but nothing worked out and wo nahi use kar paae. Someone else worked on those songs and when they got released in the film, I heard it and accepted that those were better than what I was making. Mujhe mere flaws pata chale. I learned what exactly was the director asking from me. I think it’s important for me in order to grow. Waha main victim card khel jaata toh main apni agli movie par kaam nahi kar paata,” he ends.

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