MHA405 – Bakugo becomes the ‘Final Boss,’ challenges AFO

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The eagerly anticipated My Hero Academia Chapter 405 is set to hit screens on Monday, October 30, 2023. Still, die-hard fans couldn’t wait and were thrilled to discover some exciting spoilers ahead of its release. This latest chapter is titled ‘Final Boss,’ and it promises an exhilarating showdown between heroes and villains, all while shedding light on All Might’s miraculous survival.

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 spoilers reveal an exhilarating showdown between heroes and villains.
My Hero Academia Chapter 405 spoilers reveal an exhilarating showdown between heroes and villains.

In the previous chapter, we witnessed a heart-pounding moment as Bakugo rescued All Might from the clutches of the notorious All For One. As Bakugo soared through the sky, the Second One For All user’s quirk, Gearshift, played a pivotal role in their daring rescue mission.

As we dive into Chapter 405, the story begins with a heartfelt conversation between All Might and Nighteye. The former No. 1 Hero, All Might, had miraculously defied the death that Nighteye had foreseen, all thanks to Bakugo’s heroics. It was a moment that touched the hearts of fans as All Might upheld his promise to young Deku. A mentor’s role, he humorously suggested, was to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Nighteye, however, disagreed, dismissing this notion as a mere comic book archetype, emphasizing that heroes need not die.

The chapter then shifts its focus to Bakugo and All Might, who find themselves atop a building after the intense rescue operation. Bakugo, the hero with the explosive quirk, is recognized by some people from a previous encounter, including Mahoro and Katsuma from the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie.

As the heroes land on the rooftop, All Might inquires about Bakugo’s well-being. However, Bakugo’s response is far from reassuring as he coughs up blood. Edgeshot, a miniature hero, emerges from Bakugo’s chest, revealing that he intentionally caused Bakugo to expel the accumulated blood from his chest. Edgeshot, with incredible precision, used his own body to mend Bakugo’s broken bones and injured organs. Still, Bakugo was gripped by excruciating pain.

Edgeshot’s efforts, although commendable, were not what ultimately saved Bakugo. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, a miracle occurred. An explosion erupted within Bakugo’s body, reigniting his heart and bringing him back to life. Edgeshot explained that he merely reconnected the broken pieces, but it was Bakugo’s own quirk that acted as the spark of life.

Bakugo, though in pain, showed resilience and determination, thanking Edgeshot for saving his life. With his fiery spirit burning brighter than ever, Bakugo turned his attention to the looming battle against the glowing child, whom he suspected to be the sinister All For One.

All Might confirms Bakugo’s suspicions, introducing the child as All For One, or AFO. To further bolster Bakugo’s strength, All Might equips him with a support item gauntlet known as the “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.” Bakugo, grinning with determination, accepts the support item, fully embracing his role as a formidable ally in the battle against AFO.

AFO, though initially focused on transferring a copy of his quirk to Tomura, begins to seethe with anger. Memories of all the heroic adversaries he has faced flood his mind, leaving him determined that fortune should now favor him. However, Bakugo suddenly appears beside AFO, unleashing a colossal explosion. This explosive clash stirs memories of the second One For All user and solidifies Bakugo’s resolve to stand as the ultimate adversary to AFO, proclaiming himself as the “final boss.”

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