Missing Snorlax? Pokemon announces a new manga all about your favourite Pokemon

Get ready, Pokemon fans, because there’s exciting news in the world of Pokemon! The iconic franchise is launching a brand-new manga, and this time, it’s all about the legendary Snorlax. The creator of Drifting Dragons, Taku Kuwabara, is on board to bring Snorlax’s story to life.

Exciting news for Pokemon fans as a new manga centred around Snorlax is set to launch.
Exciting news for Pokemon fans as a new manga centred around Snorlax is set to launch.

The Pokemon Company spilled the beans about the upcoming manga on the official page for “Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet.” According to the Project Snorlax team, we’re in for a treat with a six-part manga series. Kuwabara is taking the helm, promising a unique adventure with one of Pokemon’s sleepiest monsters.

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Kumura and Snorlax’s dreamy connection

The manga will follow Kumura, a student at Uva Academy, on an intriguing journey. Kumura is busy creating a device that can turn dreams into sounds. But here’s the twist – she’s teaming up with Snorlax! Together, they dive into the monster’s dreams by experimenting with different foods. Brace yourselves for an exploration of Snorlax’s mind like never before.

Fan excitement soars

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon fans are buzzing with excitement about this Snorlax-focused manga. The unique storyline promises to reveal the mysteries behind Snorlax’s dreams, adding a delightful twist to the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon’s ever-growing universe

This isn’t the first Pokemon manga, and it certainly won’t be the last. As Pokemon continues to evolve, more fantastic content is being served up to fans. With this monster-centric manga on the horizon, who knows what other Pokemon tales await us in the future?

Beyond the Manga: What’s next for Pokemon?

While we eagerly await Snorlax’s Dream Gourmet, Pokemon is not hitting the snooze button on other projects. The recent releases of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a thrilling end to their generation, leaving fans curious about the next region. And if that’s not enough, brace yourselves for the upcoming Pokemon Horizons anime, set to debut on Netflix in early March.

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