Pakistani actor Faysal Quraishi says theatres in Pakistan can only SURVIVE if they exhibit Indian movies: ‘Funny to shut down our avenues of revenue’ | Hindi Movie News

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Pakistan has completely banned the screening of Indian films since 2019 despite the fact that our movies were being watched by people in big numbers there! Many Pakistani artists themselves have admitted to the popularity of our films in their country. Now, Pakistani actor Faysal Quraishi has also voiced his opinion on it, quite honestly.
Faysal says that Indian films should be released in their country The actor added that theatres in Pakistan can only survive and grow if they release Indian movies, as per PTI.Faysal revealed that if the ban is lifted, the entertainment industry there would earn around Rs 6000 to 7000 million annually. He clarified that being a Pakistani, he is very patriotic but if they need to run Pakistani cinemas, it’s important to exhibit Indian films. He added that he’s being very selfish in saying this, because the audience in .wants to watch Indian films. The Government cannot enforce their will on them and they should work to improve relations with India.
He revealed further that Pakistani movies and serials were being shown on online portals whereas people went to theatres only to watch Indian films. It brought valuable revenue to the country. While they need to improve their own content, Pakistan also needs to lift their ban on Indian movies because ‘it’s funny to shut down our own avenues of revenue,’ says Faysal.
Faysal is largely known for his work in television shows like ‘Toba Tek Singh’, ‘Ishq Ibaadat’, ‘Baba Jani’ and the list is really long. He’s also a producer and television host apart from being an actor.

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