Park Jin-young aka JY Park opens up about divorce and religious beliefs

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In a candid revelation, renowned singer and entrepreneur Park Jin-young, also known by his stage names J. Y. Park, opened up about a tumultuous period in his life marked by divorce and business setbacks. The artist shared his personal journey on November 21st during an appearance on the YouTube channel ‘SUNG SI KYUNG’, shedding light on the emotional and existential challenges he faced.
According to Kbizoom, Park Jin-young candidly confessed, “Even when I got married, I still felt 1% empty. I divorced and became single. I lived in a hotel penthouse and enjoyed parties for 4-5 days. I was like that for about two years”.
The singer’s revelatory narrative took a poignant turn as he recounted waking up one morning to widespread criticism, prompting a moment of self-reflection. “One day, I woke up in the morning and found people criticizing me everywhere. What I said to myself at that time was ‘Ha~You idiot’. I sent people away and never did it again”, he shared, highlighting a turning point in his perspective.
Park Jin-young went on to express that, during this period, he had a fundamental shift in his outlook on life. He admitted, “With an empty head, I never considered music as my ultimate goal. I believed that doing music was just a job and that happiness came from interpersonal relationships. But I realized that I couldn’t live like that anymore”.
The artist then offered an insight into his exploration of religious beliefs and revealed, “At that time, I thought I couldn’t live without knowing where I was born and where I would go after death, so I looked into all the major religions around the world to find the answers”. Describing a pivotal moment, he added, “At the end of October 2012, I knelt by my bed with the Bible. I think it was the only thing that I studied harder than music with the determination to read until the last page”.

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