Raashi Khanna: My birthday was peaceful at Golden temple this year

Actor Raashi Khanna celebrated her birthday in a serene and meaningful way this year, fulfilling a long-cherished desire to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar on November 30. “I have always wanted to come to the Golden temple for a very long time. I went there when I was younger, but I always wanted to do it properly, take the snaaan, and do the Amrit Vila in the morning, which is 2-4am. I landed with my family and friends a day before my birthday. We all went to the temple and took a snaan in the sarovar. In the morning of the special day, we did the Amrit Vila from 2-6 am,” she expresses while talking to us on her birthday, further adding that everything felt complete in that moment. “I felt like my birthday was so peaceful this year. When I got out of the temple, I thought that this is what I wanted. It has been a great experience because I wanted to do this with my family, and I was very happy to be able to do it this year. It is an out of the world serene feeling.”

Raashi Khanna's birthday in Amritsar
Raashi Khanna’s birthday in Amritsar

The actor, who turned 33 on November 30, also wanted to explore the city in her two day trip with the fam. “I decided to explore the city. We are in the middle of some shopping, buying some kalankaari dupattas and suits. And I’ve heard so much about the food here,” she shares. “I had the Amritsari kulcha here in the morning, which is very popular. People who are helping around us are saying, ‘No dieting in Amritsar’. I’ve been eating a lot, so it has been really nice so far. I am okay with the butter and ghee they put in because I workout a lot. I am going back to work tomorrow, so it was a short two day trip this time.”

The actor, known for her private nature, also opens up about her birthday tradition of planting trees. “I am not very comfortable about showing what I keep doing; I am a really private person. My team noticed that I was too much into plantation and an environmentalist at heart. They basically said that I should post about it. I plant sampling or plants a lot of the time, but it has become a tradition on my birthday.” Expressing joy about the impact she has made, Khanna states, “A fan club recently told me that they also started planting because I do it, so I felt that I do have an impact. I am happy that I made this tradition.”

Regarding her upcoming film Yodha, she discloses, “I think the film has been postponed again because the makers want to avoid any clashes as there are so many big films releasing in December. Everybody should have their own pace. We will come in March for sure this time. I am also really excited for it.”

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