Sachin Sanghvi: I want people to not feel shy in creating regional music

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Though Sachin Sanghvi is at the peak of his career with back to back hits in Hindi film space including Tere Vaaste and Zubaniya Teri, the music composer has decided to shift his focus on Indie music, and that too in his mother tongue Gujarati.

Sachin Sanghvi has gives hits like Tere Vaaste and Zubaaniya Teri.
Sachin Sanghvi has gives hits like Tere Vaaste and Zubaaniya Teri.

Sharing the reason behind it, Sanghvi, who is one hald of the Sachin-Jigar music composer duo shares, “I felt there was misrepresentation of Gujarati music at a global level and that pushed me to work in this direction. People think it is only about dandiya and garba. Secondly, there was lack of quality music and I wanted people to like Gujarati songs as much as they like any other songs. So, I thought instead of blaming others for not doing good work in Gujarati music, I need to take the first step myself.”

He goes on, “Moreover, there are several hit Gujarati songs that were popular in 80s and 90s, but if I keep playing the same tracks, this generation may not find it palatable. They have a different taste. That’s what I am doing- making Gujarati songs palatable for the younger generation.” Though he has been doing Gujarati music for quite a few years now, the musician talks about how has decided to do it without any external support. “I have been doing this since 2013, but now I have decided to not wait for the films to include these songs. I will release Indie Gujarati music on my own, without being dependent on music labels or production houses. If they support, well and good. Otherwise, I will go ahead on my path. I will curate the entire process- from creating it to marketing it,” he adds, sharing that this in no way is a step back from Bollywood/film music.

Sanghvi goes on to talk about his inspiration behind this step. “I have been deeply inspired by the likes of AR Rahman in terms of creating music in mother tongue. And it irks me when people feel hesitant of their language and culture and working in it. I want people from Gujarat to not feel shy in creating regional music …and work in their own language. It’s all about taking pride in our culture, “ shares the singer-composer who recently released his Gujarati song Dheeme Dheeme.

While promoting Gujarati culture and language, Sanghvi is also making an effort to only engage locals (of Gujarat). “I am taking Gujarati people to work on the songs. In fact, in the last few songs that we did, everyone, from technicians to directors- were locals. The idea is to make them own up the language and culture and also give them opportunity to work. It also gives them a sense of achievement and validation, and boosts their confidence to work better,” he ends

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