Samantha planning to resume acting next year: Source

Back in July this year, it was announced that Samantha is taking a step back from acting for at least one year to focus on her health. However, we have learnt that she is planning to resume work early 2024.

Samantha recently announced her production banner
Samantha recently announced her production banner

It was after wrapping up the Indian chapter of action-thriller Citadel that Samantha took a break from acting, while she focused on her health, and underwent treatment for autoimmune condition, Myositis, in the US, and travelling around the world.

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“She is feeling a lot better. Rejuvenated is the right word to explain her state of mind and health. There is no doubt that her health is doing way better as she is feeling energised. Also, the time off and travel around the world, opened her to a lot of different things. Now, she is planning to channel all that energy in her work,” says a source.

The source adds, “She is planning to start acting and be back on set early next year. In fact, she is looking forward to it. It is expected that she will be back at work when Citadel promotions start. She might also start a new project, which she is backing”.

The actor has announced that she has turned a producer. Launching her production house, she shared that she said will produce content “representative of new age expression and thought”.

According to the source, the move surprised many in the industry. “Not a lot of people were expecting her to go in this direction, but the time off from work, and her travel, pushed her in the direction to expand her horizons,” says the source, adding, “With the move, she is planning to back off beat content, produce more content for the OTT platforms, have more joint venture, and support talent. She is positive that her name will bring some worth to any project that she picks, and moves forward with”.

In fact, the actor is planning to support new talent through the production house. In a statement, she also shared that she wants her banner to be “a nurturing space which invites and encourages stories that speak to the strength and complexity of our social fabric”.

“She wants to take hold of the narrative, and that is why she is doing this. Also, she is following Bollywood in this pattern, like Anushka Sharma has a production banner,” says the source.

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