Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput enjoy some family time with friends, desserts and more… pics inside | Hindi Movie News

Late last night, Mira Rajput took to her IG handle to share some pics of a fun-filled gathering that saw herself and husband ShahidKapoor in attendance. In the pics, the duo are seen with family and friends as they get together for a group picture. In the second pic, a spread of sinful desserts could be seen on the table. In the third pic, the couple is seen relaxing on a couch, both in casual outfits.Take a look…




While on Mira, the star wife recent sent tongues wagging with her airport appearance, drawing attention to her chic yet daring ensemble. Mira’s airport style showcased a fashion-forward winter ensemble that caught the eye of onlookers and internet spectators.

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In a video shared by a paparazzo, Mira sported an elegant blue and black sweater paired with classic boots, exuding a trendy aura. The highlight of her outfit was the inventive use of a sizable safety pin to secure the sweater to her jeans. Admirers quickly flooded the comment sections with praise for her distinctive fashion sense, applauding the ensemble’s chic and stylish vibe.
While compliments poured in, some expressed concern regarding the practicality of her attire for airport security. Fans questioned whether the substantial safety pin would pose an issue during the security check, speculating if authorities would permit such an accessory through airport screenings. A fan asked, “Will security allow this safety pin inside?”
Meanwhile, Mira recently made headlines alongside Shahid Kapoor after their encounter with football legend David Beckham. A picture shared by Shahid featured Mira elegantly adorned in a pink dress, marking the memorable occasion of meeting their teenage crush, David Beckham.

Beyond her stylish appearances, Mira often captivates attention with her musical talents, frequently sharing videos showcasing her piano prowess. Her recent upload, “A Thousand Years,” garnered considerable admiration.

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