Son Ye Jin donates proceeds of 40 million KRW from charity bazaar: What a joyful way to start 2024!

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Back in December 2023, Son Ye Jin had expressed her thoughts of initiating a charity bazaar and selling off items from her personal collection. A day after her birthday on January 11, the actress shared a post on social media, announcing the success of her charity bazaar.
“Hi everyone! It’s 2024! We successfully pulled off the charity bazaar! What could be more rewarding than seeing a small idea grow to see it bear fruit? Actually for it to work, there were many meetings led by the team at MSteam Entertainment.It led us to the angels at the Bunjang company! They saved the day. And also a special thanks to Areum at INTREND and the best manager Sarang. Thank you for wholeheartedly donating your time and talent.”

The ‘Crash Landing on You’ actress and her team managed to raise nearly 40 million KRW, all of which were donated for worthy causes. Son Ye Jin further added, “Most of all, I got to see my fans in person!! I felt so happy and touched. It was good to see everyone in good health too! What a joyful way to start 2024! I hope you will bear biiiiig fruits this year too! P.S. We raised nearly 40 million KRW and we made the donation on a very special day!”

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