Vidya Balan talks about doing ‘The Dirty Picture’; reveals if she has to use sex to get people to watch a movie, she will | Hindi Movie News

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Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood. Although she has been a part of several movies in her career, it is ‘The Dirty Picture‘ that turned the tables for her in many ways.
At a recent event, Vidya spilled some beans on why she took up the role of Silk Smithain the film and what kind of reactions she received from the audience.She said that people had an image of her after they saw her in ‘Parineeta‘ where she was a strong and an ideal woman or a perfect woman. However, when the trailer of ‘The Dirty Picture’ was released, she recalled a lot of people came to her and asked her what she had done. The actress also added that the same people when they went to watch the movie, were surprised because they got to see a person beneath that exterior. According to her, that was the purpose of it.

11 years ago when the film was released, some people told her that she is using sex to promote the film because there were provocative visuals in the trailer. Vidya replied back saying, ‘If that brings you to the theatre, and makes you see beyond the sex, I will use the sex to tell the story.’ She also added that she doesn’t find anything wrong with that.

Vidya Balan recalls how people ‘took jibes’ at her ‘dressing sense’ and it ‘scared’ her: ‘She’s overweight… she’s so badly dressed’

Earlier, speaking to Filmfare, Vidya had revealed how she was called sexy after she did ‘The Dirty Picture’. And the huge commercial success got her so much love. It even got her a National Award. The actress also said that she is far more comfortable being a character than being herself in public. According to her, when she is promoting the film, she has fun because she is promoting a character. The moment people make it about her, it makes her a little uncomfortable. So she had just done it without thinking. That translated to her being sexy. And she hadn’t been called sexy until then. Suddenly, there was a new version of her.
Directed by Milan Luthria, the film was a huge commercial success at the box office.

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