10 Most Attractive Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, Ranked


Nanami was always a fun and interesting character, starting since Season One. He is overworked and lives to finish out his shift and go home.


Gojo is often the comedic relief in Jujutsu Kaisen. But a huge part of his immense popularity stems from how many layers there are to his character


Choso is a great example of fan service for a female audience. Even while he fights Yuji, predicting and redirecting his attacks, the animators took time and attention to his well-sculpted poses


Toji isn't even in the series for very long and for most of it, he has the creepiest doll-faced worm wrapped around his body


Fans often speculate that even Gojo has feelings for the handsome and sullen Geto. He's alluring in nearly every phase and iteration of his character


Sukuna is an ancient King of Curses whose mere body parts are powerful enough to wreak total havoc. He's very old, but he has the appearance of a man at peak strength and beauty.


Todo is such a himbo, that he reads almost like a (loving) caricature of the archetype. Himbos are large and muscly characters whose best strength is their heart and compassion


The genius lawyer Higuruma is another tired but incredibly talented and hardworking salaryman


Utahime is a beloved teacher, and she's a big fan-favorite. Utahime has her cute moments, especially around Gojo, but she's also quite graceful


It may be easy to skip over Noritoshi in Jujutsu Kaisen, but he's a total kuudere: a stoic and self-collected person who has known great responsibility from a young age

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