Low Taper Fade

More subtle than other fades, the low taper fade starts at your ears and follows your hairline back to the nape of your neck

 Mid Taper Fade

A balanced option that suits almost all men and hair types is the mid taper fade

High Taper Fade

A high taper fade starts further towards the crown of your head than other fades

Regulation Cut Taper Fade

Sometimes the simplest haircuts are the most appealing and a regulation cut is ideal for men who want a low-maintenance and fuss-free hairstyle

Curly Taper Fade

A taper fade is a great way to give your curls some structure. Because the sides and back are cut short, you won’t need to spend time styling those sections

Faux Hawk Taper Fade

A more subtle version of the mohawk haircut is the faux hawk – and one of the easiest ways to get the look is with a taper fade

Taper Fade Comb Over

A modern yet classic hairstyle, the taper fade comb over looks professional, sophisticated, and mature

Afro Taper Fade

A taper fade is an excellent choice for men with Afro hair. It’s less high maintenance than a full Afro and helps frame your face, making your features look sharper

Crew Cut Taper Fade

The crew cut is a no-nonsense haircut that is practical and easy to wear. The hair is kept short and trimmed close to the head but is longer on the front

Bald Taper Fade

A bald fade, also known as a skin fade, never goes out of fashion. Because it looks so smart and stylish, men worldwide come back to the cut year after year

Caesar Taper Fade

The Caesar is one of the oldest and most traditional cuts for men with short hair

Flat Top Taper Fade

The flat top involves cutting the hair so it appears smooth and leveled on top. Popular in the 1950s and ‘80s, the flat top cut is traditionally paired with a short back and sides

Comb Back Taper Fade

If classic hairstyles are for you, look no further than the comb back. As the name suggests, the hair is combed backward from the hairline