Munawwar was in love with 'Raw Almond Girl' who was 7 years younger, had sent the relationship for second marriage? - 31 Year Old Munawar Faruqui Wanted Second Marriage With 24 Year Old Kacha Badam Girl Anjali Arora Ex Girlfriend Ayesha Khan Ankita Lolkhande Reveals Tmovf

Munavvar wanted to make raw almond girl a bride, had sent him for second marriage, ex revealed the secret 11 jan 2024 credit instagram

In Bigg Boss 17, Munavvar Faruqui's ex-girlfriend Ayesha Khan has made many shocking revelations about him. On national TV, Ayesha slammed Munavvar fiercely. Munavvar had sent Rishta for Anjali.

Ayesha said that Munavvar had cheated on her, he was dating his girlfriend Nazila and her together.

Ayesha also said that Munavvar dated two girls together and even sent a third girl for marriage.

When Ankita and Vicky asked Ayesha about that girl, she refused to reveal her name but definitely said that that girl is a big social media influencer.

After saying this, Ayesha was seen telling Ankita that during the lock up show, Munavvar had also given hopes of a relationship to influencer Anjali Arora.

After this, Ankita told Abhishek that Anjali Arora had gone with her after the lockup party and was crying a lot for Munavvar. Anjali had become very attached to Munavvar.

After the revelations of Ayesha and Ankita, fans believe that the social media influencer to whom Munavvar had sent Rishta for marriage is none other than Kachha Badam girl Anjali Arora.

In the show, Munavvar has also confessed that he had talked about marriage with two girls, although whether that girl is Anjali Arora or someone else, only Munavvar can tell now.