The Lunchbox To Cheeni Kum - 7 Best Movies About Food

The lunchbox to cheeni kum 7 best movies about food team fc

The lunchbox 2013 youtube this indian romantic drama revolves around a mistaken lunchbox delivery that sparks a unique friendship between a young woman and an older man highlighting the role of food in connecting people and evoking emotions

Stanley ka dabba 2011 youtube rent in this heartwarming film a schoolteacher stanley doesnt bring lunch but shares his classmates delicious meals the narrative beautifully intertwines the significance of food with themes of friendship and childhood

Cheeni kum 2007 zee5 a unique love story unfolds between a grumpy chef amitabh bachchan and a spirited woman tabu with opposing tastes blending humor with a culinary journey that adds flavor to their unconventional romance

The great indian kitchen 2021 prime video focused on the life of a newlywed woman this malayalam film delves into the traditional expectations around cooking and domestic responsibilities shedding light on societal norms and the role of food in expressing individuality

Chef 2017 prime video a remake of the hollywood film this indian comedydrama follows a chef who rediscovers his culinary roots by starting a food truck while the film is about second chances it also celebrates the joy of cooking and the connection between food and memories

Tumse na ho payega 2023 disney hotstar gaurav who gets fired from his job and starts a tiffin service called maa’s magic with his childhood friend mal his target customers are 20something corporate slaves who crave genuine homemade meals the film does not revolve around food but the startup culture

Tarla 2023 zee5 inspired by the life of cookbook author television show host and amateur chef tarla dalal tarla played by huma qureshi tells the story of a woman who finds her calling when she’s asked to teach young women how to cook

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