Top 10 Best Funny Animated Movies for Kids

1. Toy Story

It is a classic kids’ animated movie released in 1995. It is a story of a cowboy doll and other familiar toys that will make your child learn about friendship and jealousy.

2. Ratatouille

A rat that can cook! Could there be a stranger premise for a movie? Well, strange or not, this heartwarming story is about Remy’s dream to become a world-class French chef.

3. Coco

Miguel is an aspiring musician, but his family banned him from playing music. Nevertheless, Miguel is desperate to show off his talent

4. The Little Prince

This cartoon movie is an adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s iconic masterpiece. The story is about a young prince who travels across planets

5. Song of the Sea

Saoirse is a young girl who is the last of the selkies—a woman who transforms from a seal into people in Irish and Scottish legends

6. Finding Nemo

This movie can make your kid laugh and understand the depth of your love for them. This is a touching story of an overprotective clownfish, Marlin,

7. The Boss Baby

It is the classic sibling tale to which every kid can relate. Tim Templeton had a perfect life,

8. The Angry Birds Movie

Does your kid love to play the Angry Birds game? Then this is the best kids’ animated movie for them. This 3D animated comedy movie will finally reveal why the birds are always so angry

9. Inside Out

Riley, an eleven-year-old girl, moves to San Francisco with her parents but struggles to cope with her emotions. 

10. WALL-E

This is a sci-fi kids’ animated movie with an adventurous storyline. There isn’t much dialogue in this Pixar film, especially in the first half, but kids will be captivated.

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