Top 10 Best Songs of Kailash Kher 


By Anupama Masand on 26 Feb, 2024

1. Re Re Bajrangi

Kailash Kher shines in "Re Re Bajrangi" with his captivating vocals and infectious energy, creating a memorable musical experience.

2. Saiyyan

Kailash Kher's mesmerizing 'Saiyyan' from his album resonates deeply, capturing hearts with emotive vocals and genuine expressions, a timeless favorite.

3. Teri Deewani

Discover the magic of Kailash Kher's "Teri Deewani" - a mesmerizing track loved by many. Prepare to be enchanted by his powerful vocals and emotional depth! 🎶💖

4. Chand Sifarish

Kailash Kher's soulful rendition of "Chand Sifarish" from Fanaa captivates with rich emotion, making it iconic for his fans.

5. Ya Rabba

Kailash Kher's "Ya Rabba" is unforgettable, stirring souls with emotive vocals and poignant lyrics, a powerful emotional journey.

6. Tere Naina

Kailash Kher's Tere Naina tops his best songs list. It's beautiful and melodious, conveying love and longing through heartfelt vocals, creating a spellbinding experience.

7. Bam Lahiri

Bam Lahiri by Kailash Kher is a lively track with powerful vocals and energetic beats, leaving listeners energized and vibrant.

8. Dua

Kailash Kher's "Dua" resonates with spiritual seekers, touching hearts with soulful vocals and profound lyrics, offering a deeply emotional musical journey.

9. Tere Naam

Kailash Kher's rendition of "Tere Naam" in his album is a touching interpretation, capturing the original essence with his emotive vocals and unique style.

10. Daulat Shohrat

Kailash Kher's "Daulat Shohrat" inspires to value inner virtues over worldly fame. It carries a message of humility and contentment in success.

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