Top 10 Indian Robbery Movies List

1. Don 2 (2011)

Don turns himself in and escapes with Vardhaan from prison, following which he recruits a team to steal currency printing plates from a bank in Berlin

2. Special Chabbis (2013)

A gang of con-men rob prominent rich businessmen and politicians by posing as C.B.I and income tax officers

3. Dhoom 2 (2006

Back in action DHOOM:2 reinvents the action comedy genre and propels it into the 21st century. Go on and enjoy the ride once again with Jai and Ali

4. Dhoom (2004)

Dhoom reinvents the classic cops and robbers tale for the 21st century. Fast bikes, big action, and non-stop fun make for a thrilling story

5. Blue (I) (2009)

A group of people, facing a lot of challenges, decide to hunt down lost treasure en route to India

6. Dhoom 3 (2013)

Jai and Ali return to catch the clown thief, Sahir, who has targeted various branches of the Western Bank of Chicago

7. Happy New Year (I) (2014)

A gang of amateur dancers takes part in a dancing competition to avenge their personal vendetta


An Indian queen asks her bodyguard to steal back gold taken from her by the Indian government during The Emergency period in 1975


An adrenaline junkie walks away from a whirlwind romance and embraces a new life as a thief, though he soon finds himself pursued by veteran police officer and engaged in a turf war with a local gangster


A notorious thief allies with a street racer for a grand heist involving an elaborate game of deceit with authorities, who have their own dirty secrets

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