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List of Top 10 Richest Country Singer 2024

By Manu Faria February 07, 2024


#10 – Carrie Underwood

Net Worth: $140 Million

American Idol alum Carrie Underwood, iconic country star & successful entrepreneur.

#9 – Alan Jackson

Net Worth: $160 Million

Alan sold 80M+ records, inducted in country halls of fame, with 9 multi-platinum albums & many awards.

#8 – Luke Bryan

Net Worth: $165 Million

Georgia native Luke Bryan became a Nashville star, selling 80M+ records and hosting "American Idol."

#7– Kenny Chesney

Net Worth: $180 Million

Kenny: 20 albums, 40 hits, awards, $42M/yr, "The Terminator," Nashville move, 30M+ global sales.

#6 – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Net Worth: $200 Million

Faith Hill began in Tennessee, skyrocketing with her debut album. Tim McGraw, from Louisiana, found fame in the 1990s, marrying Faith Hill in 1996.

#5 – George Strait

Net Worth: $300 Million

Country music icon reigns since 1970s, with countless accolades, best-selling albums, and diverse ventures.

#4 –Toby Keith

Net Worth: $370 Million

Toby, in the game since '93, has 19 albums, 40M+ sales, 61 hits on Billboard. Ventures in TV, business: restaurants, clothing, beverage, record label.

#3 – Shania Twain

Net Worth: $410 Million

Shania, a Grammy-winning icon, ruled '90s country, TV, endorsements, and philanthropy, with a thriving residency.

#2 – Garth Brooks

Net Worth: $430 Million

Garth Brooks: Top-selling solo artist, 148M albums; 7 diamond records; Vegas residency; TV appearances; GhostTunes, Pearl Records.

#1 – Dolly Parton

Net Worth: $675 Million

Country music legend, 63 albums, 25 RIAA certifications, halls of fame, Hollywood star; philanthropist, literacy advocate, theme park mogul.