Top 10 Songs By KK Featuring Emraan Hashmi

Dil Ibadat

A beautiful song from the movie Tum Mile, starring Emraan and Soha Ali Khan, is Dil Ibadat. It got famous for its lyrics and KK's voice

Beetein Lamhe

Another song 2000s kid would have listened to on loop is Beetein Lamhe from the movie The Train. In a very melodious voice of Kk

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai

Wanna dedicate a beautiful love song to your beloved? KK has your back with his song Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai. Starring Hashmi and Kangana, Gangster's song

Zara Sa

Another love song in KK's voice with Pritam's music is Zara Sa from the movie Jannat. It is a very famous romantic song featuring Emraan Hashmi

Haan Tu hai

K's voice+ Pritam's music = heaven. Another song from the movie Jannat is Haan Tu Hai. Wanna show gratitude to your beloved?

Tujhe Sochta Hu Mey

Wanna assure your Gf? Tujhe Sochta Hu Mey from the movie Jannat 2 is the song you are searching for.! In thea melodious voice of KK, Pritam's light music

Tujhhi Mey

Tujhhi Mein is the famous song from the non-famous movie Crook, starring Emraan Hashmi. The song is well-known for its lyrics, KK's musical voice, and Pritam's music

Mere Bina (unplugged)

Another song by the not-so-famous movie Crook is Mere Bina. The unplugged version of the song is sung by KK. The song got most famous for its lyrics, KK's "Wohoho


In the most beautiful voice of KK and Shreya Ghoshal, the song Soniye is from the movie Aksar. Remember Soniye? No? You are not a true KK fan

I am in Love

Another KK + Hashmi love song is I am in love from the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. It is a pretty, melodious song worth listening to on loop

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