Top 10 strongest characters in Solo Leveling

The Absolute Being

On a cursory glance, you may think that Sung Jin-woo is the strongest character in Solo Leveling, but he’s not; the Absolute Being is. The Absolute Being is the creator of Solo Leveling's universe

Sung Jin Woo

 Shadow Exchange, Shadow Extraction, Acausality, Erasure, Ruler's Authority, Monarch's Domain, Stealth, Detoxification, Bloodlust, Immense Speed, Colossal Strength

Monarch Of Shadows

Shadow Extraction, Immense Strength, Ruler’s Authority, Shadow Exchange, Monarch’s Domain, and Power Transfer

Monarch Of Destruction

Dragon’s Fear, Breath of Destruction, Spatial Manipulation, Colossal Strength, Immense Speed, Telepathy, and Spiritual Body Manifestation

The Rulers

The Rulers are the first beings created by the Absolute Being. Consequently, they were his first subjects and his minions

Monarch Of Frost

\Ice Magic, Sleep Inducement, Spiritual Body Manifestation, Super Strength, Super Speed, and Gate Creation

Monarch Of Beastly Fangs

Colossal Strength, Spiritual Body Manifestation, Quick Regeneration, Immense Speed, and Telekinesis

Sung II Hwan

ung IL-Hwan is Sung Jin-Woo’s father, proving that fighting prowess runs in their family. With the full, long, and messy hair, and eyes that glow, whenever he uses his ability, Sung IL


Bellion is revered as the strongest shadow in existence that served Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch. He was also the Grand Marshal of Ashborn’s military might.

Monarch Of The Beginning

Monarch of the beginning, Legia, also referred to as the King of Giants, is another powerful character in Solo Leveling. One of this character's strong points is his immense physical strength.

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