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Top tamil rappers to know about mirchi feb 7 2024

Hiphop tamizha hiphop tamizha is the dynamic duo from tamil nadu who revolutionized south indian hiphop their raps have been widely praised for their resonance with the youth of tamil nadu source mirchi

Arivu arivu is a tamil rapper and poet who has sparked a revolution with his incisive verses from caste oppression to societal injustices his lyrics ignite awareness and demand change source mirchi

Blazee blazee is one of the pioneers of tamil rap who blazed trails with his fiery rhymes with a magnetic stage presence and raw authenticity blazee is one of those artists who commands attention in the hiphop scene source mirchi

Lady kash lady kash is an englishtamil rapper who broke boundaries with her fearless style her empowering lyrics challenge stereotypes and celebrate individuality resonating with listeners worldwide source mirchi

Brodha v from rapidfire flows to soulful melodies brodha vs music defies genre conventions with a fusion of hiphop indian influences and global sounds brodha v is regarded as one of the most unique voices in the world of rap source mirchi

Yung raja yung raja is a singaporeantamil rapper and songwriter he is best known for his use of tanglish a mix of tamil and english in his raps source mirchi

Krishan maheson krishnan maheson is a pioneer who revolutionized the tamil rap scene krishan helped start the tamil rap scene in sri lanka together with his brother gajan and fellow mc yauwanan he is also a founding member of urban sound with his brother gajan source mirchi

Mc sai sairuban ramakrishnan better known by his stage name mc sai is a rapper songwriter lyricist and record producer of british tamil origin he debuted online with the single pothum source mirchi