The 70th National Film Awards for 2022 aim to recognize and encourage films of aesthetic and technical excellence with social relevance. These awards contribute to the understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures in India through cinematic expression, promoting unity and integrity.

National Film Awards Regulations

The regulations cover eligibility criteria, award categories, submission procedures, and disqualification conditions.

Regulations Overview

The National Film Awards Regulations are effective immediately upon publication.

The Awards aim to promote films with aesthetic, technical, and social excellence, fostering cultural appreciation and unity.

Definitions and Organizers

Definitions include terms related to film certification, the central board, and the awards.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, or other designated organizations, organizes the awards on behalf of the Government of India.

Award Categories

Awards are given in Feature Film, Non-Feature Film, Best Writing in Cinema, and the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

The Dadasaheb Phalke Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the growth of Indian Cinema.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria cover residency, co-productions, certification, language, and duration for feature and non-feature films.

English subtitles are mandatory for all films.

Filmmakers must comply with specified technical requirements for entries.

Entry Submission and Disqualification

The last date for submission is 21 days from the notification date (online) and 28 days for hard copies.

An entry fee is applicable for feature and non-feature films.

Disqualification factors include copyright violations, influence on the jury, and non-compliance with entry specifications.

Producer’s Responsibilities

Producers must ensure accuracy in entry forms, and entries should match credit titles in the film.

The producer is responsible for entry submission and adherence to guidelines.

Material Submission and Format

Submissions must include posters, promos, stills, DVDs, and other specified materials.

DCP, Blu-ray, or Pen Drive formats are accepted based on film type.

Dispute Resolution and Award Function

Disputes are referred to the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Award winners are encouraged to attend personally, with specific guidelines for multiple producers.

Jury Process

  • Two-tier system involving Regional and Central Juries for feature films.
  • Non-feature film jury consists of a chairperson and up to six members.
  • Best Writing on Cinema Award has a separate three-member jury.

Quorum and Selection Procedure

  • Quorum requirements are defined for feature films, non-feature films, and writing on cinema.
  • Detailed procedures for regional and central juries in the selection of awards.

Regulations for Feature Films

Awards and eligibility criteria for feature films, including a special provision for silent films.

The Film Federation of India has the right to nominate films for specific awards.

Entry Procedure for Films

Detailed procedures for nomination by the Film Federation of India and general producer submissions.

Requirements for the nomination of films for specific awards.

This comprehensive summary covers key aspects of the 70th National Film Awards regulations, providing insights into eligibility, submission procedures, and the overall framework for recognizing excellence in Indian cinema.