4th National Film Awards of 1957

The National Film Awards hold a significant place in India’s rich cinematic history. Established to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions to Indian cinema, these awards have played a pivotal role in acknowledging the talent and dedication of filmmakers, actors, technicians, and artists.

What is 4th National Film Awards?

In this article, we delve into the 4th National Film Award ceremony of 1957, highlighting the notable winners, films, and the impact of this prestigious event. The 4th National Film Awards ceremony witnessed several deserving individuals and films being honored for their remarkable achievements in the world of Indian cinema. Here are some of the notable winners:

Notable Winners

Best Feature FilmJalsaghar“Jalsaghar”
Best DirectionSatyajit Ray“Jalsaghar”
Best ActorPrithviraj Kapoor“Mera Naam Joker”
Best ActressNutan“Seema”
Best MusicS. D. Burman“Pyaasa”

Award-Winning Films

The 4th National Film Awards recognized an array of exceptional films that captivated audiences with their storytelling, visuals, and performances. These films showcased the diversity and creativity inherent in Indian cinema.

  1. “Jalsaghar” directed by Satyajit Ray: This timeless classic, directed by the maestro Satyajit Ray, left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Set in the decadent world of a zamindar’s crumbling mansion, the film is a visual and auditory masterpiece.
  2. “Mera Naam Joker”: Starring the legendary Raj Kapoor, “Mera Naam Joker” is a poignant portrayal of a circus clown’s life. Prithviraj Kapoor’s stellar performance earned him the Best Actor award, adding to the film’s legacy.
  3. “Seema”: Nutan’s heart-rending performance in “Seema” garnered her the Best Actress award. The film explores themes of reform and rehabilitation with a touching narrative.
  4. “Pyaasa”: S. D. Burman’s soul-stirring music in “Pyaasa” struck a chord with audiences and earned him the Best Music award. The film, directed by Guru Dutt, remains a cinematic gem renowned for its exploration of societal disillusionment.


1. When were the 4th National Film Awards held?

The 4th National Film Awards ceremony took place in the year 1957.

2. Who directed the award-winning film “Jalsaghar”?

The film “Jalsaghar” was directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

3. Which film won the award for Best Actor?

The award for Best Actor was won by Prithviraj Kapoor for his role in “Mera Naam Joker.”

4. Who was honored with the Best Actress award during the 4th National Film Awards?

Nutan received the Best Actress award for her performance in the film “Seema.”

5. What is the notable theme of the film “Pyaasa”?

“Pyaasa,” directed by Guru Dutt, explores the theme of societal disillusionment and remains celebrated for its impactful narrative.


The 4th National Film Awards of 1957 stand as a testament to the exceptional talent and creativity present in Indian cinema. Through honoring outstanding films and individuals, these awards continue to inspire generations of filmmakers and cinephiles, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Indian filmmaking.


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