8th National Film Awards of 1961

The National Film Awards, instituted by the Government of India, celebrate the finest achievements in Indian cinema. The 8th National Film Award held in the year 1961 showcased exceptional cinematic brilliance, recognizing the outstanding contributions of filmmakers, actors, and technicians. Let’s delve into the highlights of this remarkable event.

What is 8th National Film Awards?

The 8th National Film Awards marked another milestone in Indian cinema’s journey, honoring films that left an indelible mark on audiences and critics alike. This event is a testament to the evolving creativity and craftsmanship of the Indian film industry.

Top Honors

The 8th National Film Awards recognized excellence in various categories. Here’s a glimpse of the top honors presented during the event:

Best Feature Film“Nagarik” directed by Ritwik GhatakNagarik
Best DirectionRitwik Ghatak“Nagarik”
Best ActorSoumitra Chatterjee“Nagarik”
Best ActressNirupa Roy“Chhaya”

Notable Films and Awardees

The 8th National Film Awards recognized several remarkable films and talented individuals who contributed significantly to Indian cinema. Some of the notable awardees include:

  • Best Feature Film: “Nagarik”
  • Best Direction: Ritwik Ghatak for “Nagarik”
  • Best Actor: Soumitra Chatterjee for his exceptional performance in “Nagarik”
  • Best Actress: Nirupa Roy for her portrayal in “Chhaya”

Technical Excellence

The awards also acknowledged the technical brilliance that goes into crafting a cinematic masterpiece. Here are a few technical categories and their respective winners:

Best CinematographyDilip Gupta“Meghe Dhaka Tara”
Best Music DirectionRavi Shankar Sharma“Anuradha”
Best EditingD. R. Bhosle“Kabuliwala”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the 8th National Film Award? The 8th National Film Award is an accolade presented by the Government of India to honor outstanding achievements in the Indian film industry. It recognizes excellence in various categories such as direction, acting, cinematography, and more.

Q2: Which film won the Best Feature Film award? The Best Feature Film award was won by “Nagarik,” directed by Ritwik Ghatak.

Q3: Who was awarded the Best Actor and Best Actress honors? The Best Actor award was presented to Soumitra Chatterjee for his role in “Nagarik,” while the Best Actress award went to Nirupa Roy for her performance in “Chhaya.”

Q4: Who was recognized for their technical contributions? Dilip Gupta won the Best Cinematography award for “Meghe Dhaka Tara,” Ravi Shankar Sharma received the Best Music Direction award for “Anuradha,” and D. R. Bhosle was honored with the Best Editing award for “Kabuliwala.”

Q5: When and where was the 8th National Film Award held? The specific details about the date and location of the 8th National Film Award ceremony are not included in this article. Please refer to official sources for precise information.

The 8th National Film Award in 1961 celebrated the cinematic brilliance of Indian filmmakers, actors, and technicians. It stands as a reminder of the rich heritage and artistry of Indian cinema, showcasing the industry’s continuous evolution and innovation.

Note: The information in this article is based on historical records and may be subject to variations in different sources.


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