15th National Film Award of 1968

The National Film Awards, established to recognize and honor excellence in the Indian film industry, have played a pivotal role in celebrating the cinematic achievements that have enriched the cultural fabric of the nation. The 15th National Film Awards held in the year 1968 continued this tradition of acknowledging outstanding contributions to the world of Indian cinema.

About the 15th National Film Award

The 15th National Film Awards ceremony took place in 1968, and it marked another significant milestone in the history of Indian cinema. The awards were established to acknowledge and reward the exceptional talents that had shaped the landscape of the film industry that year. These awards serve as a testament to the dedication, innovation, and creativity exhibited by filmmakers, actors, technicians, and various other professionals associated with the Indian film fraternity.

Award Categories and Winners

The 15th National Film Awards encompassed a range of categories that recognized the diverse facets of filmmaking. The winners in some of the prominent categories are as follows:

CategoryFilm TitleWinner(s)
Best Feature FilmUpahaarDirector: Dulal Guha
Best DirectionMahanagarDirector: Satyajit Ray
Best ActorDevarActor: Sanjeev Kumar
Best ActressJeevan MrityuActress: Vyjayanthimala
Best Music DirectionMera Naam JokerMusic Director: Shankar Jaikishan
Best Playback Singer (Male)SafarSinger: Mukesh
Best Playback Singer (Female)SafarSinger: Lata Mangeshkar

List of Other Recognitions

Apart from the aforementioned categories, the 15th National Film Awards recognized excellence in various other fields, such as cinematography, editing, writing, and more. The individuals and films honored in these categories have contributed significantly to the enrichment of Indian cinema.

  1. Best Screenplay: Mahanagar Screenwriter: Satyajit Ray
  2. Best Cinematography: Upahaar Cinematographer: Kamal Bose
  3. Best Art Direction: Teesri Manzil Art Director: Sudhendu Roy
  4. Best Film on Family Welfare: Ram Aur Shyam Director: Tapi Chanakya

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the National Film Awards? The National Film Awards are prestigious honors presented by the Government of India to recognize excellence in Indian cinema across various categories.

2. Who won the Best Actress award at the 15th National Film Awards? Vyjayanthimala won the Best Actress award for her role in Jeevan Mrityu.

3. Which film won the Best Direction award? The Best Direction award was presented to Satyajit Ray for Mahanagar.

4. Who received the Best Playback Singer (Male) award? The award for Best Playback Singer (Male) was won by Mukesh for the song in Safar.

5. In which year did the 15th National Film Awards take place? The 15th National Film Awards were held in the year 1968.

The 15th National Film Awards of 1968 stand as a testament to the timeless contributions of individuals and films that have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. The recognition bestowed upon these remarkable talents serves as an inspiration for generations of filmmakers and artists to come.


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