40th National Film Award of 1993

The 40th National Film Awards held in 1993 marked yet another glorious year for the Indian film industry. This prestigious event celebrated excellence in cinema, honoring outstanding contributions across various categories. From lifetime achievement awards to recognizing the best feature films, the event showcased the diversity and talent present within the realm of Indian filmmaking.


The 40th National Film Awards, held in 1993, were a testament to the creative brilliance and dedication of filmmakers from across India. The awards were divided into multiple categories, ranging from feature films to non-feature films, and even included awards for the best writing on cinema. The event not only recognized mainstream cinema but also celebrated the richness of regional languages, cultural diversity, and societal issues.

Award Categories and Winners

Here is a glimpse of the award categories and their respective winners at the 40th National Film Awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Name of AwardAwardeeAwarded AsAwards
Dadasaheb Phalke AwardBhupen HazarikaMusic directorSwarna Kamal, ₹ 100,000 and a Shawl

Feature Films

Feature films were awarded at both the All India and regional levels. The best feature film was awarded to “Bhagavad Gita,” a Sanskrit film that eloquently translated the immortal philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita into cinematic art. The Tamil film “Thevar Magan” stood out, winning an impressive five awards. Here’s a glimpse of the awards presented in various categories:


A committee headed by Balu Mahendra evaluated the feature film awards. The jury members included renowned personalities from the film industry:

Jury Members
Balu Mahendra
Sai Paranjpye
Swapan Kumar Ghosh
K. D. Shorey
Hema Mehta
T. S. Mohana
Bijaya Jena
V. K. Pavithran
Basu Chatterjee
Surinder Singh
Anil Saari
Sabyasachi Mohapatra
T. S. Nagabharana
Surjya Hazarika

All India Award

The All India Award category celebrated outstanding contributions across various aspects of filmmaking. Notable winners included:

Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)
Name of AwardName of FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Feature FilmBhagavad GitaSanskritProducer: T. Subbarami Reddy, director: G. V. Iyer₹ 50,000/-
Citation: For successfully translating immortal
philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita into a cinematic
Best DirectionPadma Nadir MajhiBengaliGautam Ghose₹ 50,000/-
Citation: For his stunningly convincing realization
of Manik Bandopadhyay’s novel into a breathtaking
cinematic experience.

This table provides just a glimpse of the awards and winners. The complete list showcases the diverse talent and remarkable achievements in the Indian film industry during that year.

List of Awards

Aside from the major awards mentioned above, the 40th National Film Awards featured several other categories honoring excellence in various fields of cinema. These categories included:

  • Silver Lotus Award
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Audiography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Music Direction
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Child Artist
  • Best Playback Singers
  • Best Lyrics
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Film on National Integration
  • Best Film on Family Welfare
  • Best Film on Social Issues
  • Best Film on Environment/Conservation/Preservation
  • Special Jury Award

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Dadasaheb Phalke Award? The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest honor in Indian cinema, presented annually by the Government of India for outstanding contributions to the film industry.
  2. Which film won the Best Feature Film award? The Sanskrit film “Bhagavad Gita” won the Best Feature Film award at the 40th National Film Awards.
  3. Who were the jury members for the feature films category? The jury members for the feature films category included Balu Mahendra, Sai Paranjpye, Swapan Kumar Ghosh, and several other distinguished personalities from the film industry.
  4. Which film won the Best Direction award? The Bengali film “Padma Nadir Majhi” directed by Gautam Ghose won the Best Direction award.
  5. Who received the award for Best Actor and Best Actress? Mithun Chakraborty won the Best Actor award for his performance in the Bengali film “Tahader Katha,” while Dimple Kapadia won the Best Actress award for her role in the Hindi film “Rudaali.”
  6. What is the significance of the Silver Lotus Award? The Silver Lotus Award, also known as Rajat Kamal, is a prestigious recognition presented to winners in various categories at the National Film Awards.
  7. What films were awarded for their contribution to regional cinema? The National Film Awards also acknowledged regional cinema excellence. Films like “Railor Alir Dubori Ban,” “Harakeya Kuri,” and “Thevar Magan” were honored in their respective languages.
  8. What is the purpose of the Special Jury Award? The Special Jury Award recognizes exceptional contributions that might not fit into conventional categories. It honors outstanding performances or works that deserve recognition despite not winning in individual categories.
  9. Who received the Best Film Critic award? Sudhir Bose, a Bengali writer, received the Best Film Critic award for his exceptional writing on cinema.
  10. What does the award for Best Writing on Cinema entail? The award for Best Writing on Cinema acknowledges outstanding works that promote the appreciation and understanding of cinema. It includes books, articles, reviews, and other forms of critical analysis.


The 40th National Film Awards of 1993 celebrated the brilliance and diversity of Indian cinema. From recognizing iconic films to honoring talented artists and writers, this event showcased the industry’s commitment to storytelling, cultural expression, and social reflection. The awards not only celebrated mainstream cinema but also underscored the importance of regional languages and the exploration of societal issues through the medium of film.


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