45th National Film Award of 1998

The 45th National Film Awards held in 1998 were a celebration of cinematic excellence in India. These awards recognized outstanding contributions to Indian cinema across various categories. From heart-touching narratives to breathtaking cinematography, the event showcased the best of Indian filmmaking talent.

About the Awards

The National Film Awards, presented annually by the Indian government, honor exceptional achievements in the Indian film industry. These awards are highly prestigious and are a testament to the talent and dedication of the Indian film fraternity.

Award Categories

Here is a list of some of the award categories and their respective winners of 45th National Film Awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Name of AwardAwardee(s)Awarded AsAwards
Dadasaheb Phalke AwardKavi Pradeep[3]LyricistSwarna Kamal, ₹ 100,000 and a Shawl

Best Feature Films

Name of AwardName of FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Feature FilmThaayi SahebaKannadaProducer: Jaimala<br>Director: Girish Kasaravalli₹ 50,000/- Each
Best Debut Film of a DirectorBhoothakkannadiMalayalamProducer: Nair Krishnakumar Unni<br>Director: A. K. Lohithadas₹ 25,000/- Each
Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome EntertainmentDil To Pagal HaiHindiProducer: Yash Chopra<br>Director: Yash Chopra₹ 40,000/- Each
Best Children’s FilmRamayanamTeluguProducer: M. S. Reddy<br>Director: Gunasekhar₹ 30,000/- Each
Best DirectionKaliyattamMalayalamJayaraj₹ 50,000/-

Silver Lotus Award

Name of AwardName of FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Feature Film on National IntegrationBorderHindiProducer: J. P. Dutta<br>Director: J. P. Dutta₹ 30,000/- Each
Best Film on Family WelfareSamaantharangalMalayalamProducer: Balachandra Menon<br>Director: Balachandra Menon₹ 30,000/- Each
Best Film on Other Social IssuesDhannaHindiProducer: Films Division<br>Director: Deepak Roy₹ 30,000/- Each
Best Film on Environment / Conservation / PreservationBhoomi GeethaKannadaProducer: R. Mahadev Gowda<br>Director: Kesari Harvoo₹ 30,000/- Each
Best ActorKaliyattamMalayalamSuresh Gopi₹ 10,000/- Each
SamaantharangalMalayalamBalachandra Menon
Best ActressDahanBengaliIndrani Haldar<br>Rituparna Sengupta₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Supporting ActorIruvarTamilPrakash Raj₹ 10,000/-
Best Supporting ActressDil To Pagal HaiHindiKarisma Kapoor₹ 10,000/-
Best Child ArtistDhannaHindiDhanraj₹ 10,000/-
Best Male Playback SingerBorderHindiHariharan₹ 10,000/-
Best Female Playback SingerVirasatHindiK. S. Chithra₹ 10,000/-
Best CinematographyIruvarTamilCameraman: Santosh Sivan<br>Laboratory Processing: Prasad Film Laboratories₹ 10,000/- Each
Best ScreenplayDahanBengaliRituparno Ghosh₹ 10,000/-
Best AudiographyEnnu Swantham JanakikuttyMalayalamSampath₹ 10,000/-
Best EditingThe TerroristTamilA. Sreekar Prasad₹ 10,000/-
Best Art DirectionThaayi SahebaKannadaRamesh Desai₹ 10,000/-
Best Costume DesignThaayi SahebaKannadaVaishali Kasaravalli₹ 10,000/-
Best Music DirectionAnnamayyaTeluguM. M. Keeravani₹ 10,000/-
Best LyricsBorderHindiJaved Akhtar₹ 10,000/-
Best ChoreographyDil To Pagal HaiHindiShiamak Davar₹ 10,000/-
Special Jury AwardThaayi SahebaKannadaJaimala (Actor)₹ 25,000/-
Special MentionAnnamayyaTeluguNagarjuna (Actor)Certificate Only
Ennu Swantham JanakikuttyMalayalamJomol (Actress)Certificate Only

Regional Awards

The National Film Awards also acknowledge excellence in regional cinema. Here are the winners in this category:

Best Feature Films

Name of AwardName of FilmAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Feature Film in BengaliDahanProducer: Bijay Agarwal and Kalpana Agarwal<br>Director: Rituparno Ghosh₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in HindiHazaar Chaurasi Ki MaaProducer: Govind Nihalani<br>Director: Govind Nihalani₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in KannadaMungarina MinchuProducer: Jai Jagadish – R. Dushyanth Singh<br>Director: Rajendra Singh Babu₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in MalayalamMangammaProducer: NFDC<br>Director: T. V. Chandran₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in OriyaShesha DrushtiProducer: NFDC<br>Director: Apurba Kishore Bir₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in PunjabiMain Maa Punjab DeeProducer: Devender Walia<br>Director: Balwant Dullat₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in TamilThe TerroristProducer: A. Sriram<br>Director: Santosh Sivan₹ 20,000/- Each
Best Feature Film in TeluguSindhooramProducer: Krishna Vamsi<br>Director: Krishna Vamsi₹ 20,000/- Each

Non-Feature Films

The National Film Awards also recognize excellence in non-feature films. These films, including documentaries and short films, play a crucial role in portraying diverse stories and perspectives.

Golden Lotus Award

Name of AwardName of FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Non-Feature FilmJataner JamiBengaliProducer: Raja Mitra and Associates<br>Director: Raja Mitra₹ 25,000/- Each

Silver Lotus Award

Name of AwardName of FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best First Non-Feature FilmMizhavu – A Silent Drum BeatEnglishProducer: P. D. Raphel<br>Director: K. R. Subhash₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Anthropological / Ethnographic FilmIn the Land of LepchasEnglishProducer: Government of West Bengal<br>Director: Anjan Bose and Manas Kamal Chowdhari₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Biographical FilmMounam SowmanasyamMalayalamProducer: T. Ravindranath<br>Director: Ravindran₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Arts / Cultural FilmThe Official Art FormEnglishProducer: National Gallery of Modern Art<br>Director: Suhasini Mulay and R. M. Gharekhan₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Scientific FilmAyurvedaEnglishProducer: D. Gautaman for Films Division<br>Director: Bhanumurthy Alur₹ 10,000/- Each
CancerHindiProducer: Bhanumurthy Alur for Films Division<br>Director: C. K. M. Rao
Best Environment / Conservation / Preservation FilmNature’s Sentinels – BishnoiHindiProducer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division<br>Director: Late P. C. Sharma and Shankar Patnaik₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Promotional FilmSarang – Symphony in CocophonyEnglishProducer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division<br>Director: Joshy Joseph for Films Division₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Agricultural FilmPost Harvest Management of PotatoHindiProducer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division<br>Director: V. Packirisamy for Films Division₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Historical Reconstruction / Compilation FilmAyyankali – Adhastitharude VimochakanMalayalamProducer: P. Sasidharan and A. Krishna<br>Director: R. S. Madhu₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Film on Social IssuesMatir BhanrBengaliProducer: Anjana Ghosh Dastidar<br>Director: Debananda Sengupta₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Educational / Motivational / Instructional FilmNirankushHindiProducer: Venu Arora<br>Director: Venu Arora₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Exploration / Adventure FilmIn Search of ExcellenceHindiProducer: Kuldeep Sinha for Films Division<br>Director: Raghu Krishna₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Investigative FilmThirstHindiProducer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division<br>Director: Swadesh Pathak for Films Division₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Animation FilmTrade – CommerceProducer: Bhimsain<br>Director: Kireet Khurana₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Short Fiction FilmHypnothesisHindiProducer: Film and Television Institute of India<br>Director: Rajat Kapoor₹ 10,000/- Each
Best Film on Family WelfareThe SaviourHindiProducer: Shaila Paralkar<br>Director: Shaila Paralkar₹ 10,000/- Each
Banglar BaulBengaliProducer: Yash Chaudhary<br>Director: K. G. Das
Best CinematographyThe TrailEnglishCameraman: Ashok Dasgupta₹ 10,000/- Each
Best AudiographyMatir BhanrBengaliPankaj Shil₹ 10,000/-
Best EditingJataner JamiBengaliUjjal Nandy₹ 10,000/-
Special MentionGotipuaEnglishGulbahar Singh (Director)Certificate Only

Best Writing on Cinema

These awards recognize individuals who contribute significantly to the understanding and appreciation of Indian cinema through their writing.

Golden Lotus Award

Name of AwardName of BookLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Best Book on CinemaCinemachi GoshtaMarathiAuthor: Anil Jhankar<br>Publisher: Rajhans Prakashan₹ 15,000/- Each
Hindi Cinema Aur DelhiHindiAuthor: Savita Bhakhri and Adithya Aswathi<br>Publisher: Praveen Prakashan
Best Film CriticEnglishDeepa Gahlot₹ 15,000/-

Deepa Gahlot’s writings on cinema reflect a deep understanding of the art form, its history, and its contemporary dynamics. Her work combines serious analysis with popular appeal, making it accessible and valuable to a wide audience.

These awards showcased the incredible talent and dedication of individuals and teams in the Indian film industry. They continue to inspire and celebrate the rich cinematic heritage of India.


1. What is the National Film Awards?

The National Film Awards are prestigious awards presented annually by the Indian government to recognize outstanding contributions to the Indian film industry.

2. How are the winners selected?

Winners are selected through a rigorous process that involves expert juries evaluating films in various categories. The juries are composed of respected individuals from the film industry and related fields.

3. What is the significance of the Golden Lotus and Silver Lotus awards?

The Golden Lotus (Swarna Kamal) and Silver Lotus (Rajat Kamal) awards are the highest and second-highest honors, respectively, at the National Film Awards. They represent excellence in various film categories.

4. Can non-feature films participate in these awards?

Yes, non-feature films, including documentaries and short films, have their own categories at the National Film Awards, and they are recognized for their contributions to Indian cinema.

5. Who received the Best Film Critic award in 1998?

The Best Film Critic award in 1998 was presented to Deepa Gahlot for her outstanding contributions to film criticism.

These FAQs provide some key information about the National Film Awards and their significance in the Indian film industry. For more detailed information about specific award categories and winners, refer to the tables above.


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