Top 10 Best ’90s Bollywood Actors

90s Bollywood Actors have a cherished spot in the hearts of cinema enthusiasts. Discover some of the finest actors from this golden era here!

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The actors of 90’s Bollywood carved a unique space in the industry, and it’s safe to say that these actors enjoy an undisputed fan base. Big Names like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Aamir Khan stand out prominently, representing the spirit of that time. Their charisma not only lit up the silver screen but also captivated our emotions.

With their magnetic presence and unforgettable performances, they became more than just stars; they became cherished icons in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their films are timeless treasures, enchanting new generations with their enduring charm and appeal.

List Of Top 10 Best ’90s Bollywood Actors

Today, we present a list of some of the top Bollywood actors from the ’90s who continue to thrive in the entertainment industry and repeatedly make us fall in love with them.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

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He is known as the King of Bollywood for a reason. Shah Rukh Khan’s star power has been there in the industry for years. With numerous blockbuster films, fans adore him for his charisma, style, romance, dance, and much more. The actor Shah Rukh Khan has given some of the best romantic movies to date and is recognized as a multifaceted star. Some of his best films are Baazigar, Don, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and many more. 

2. Salman Khan

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Salman Khan is a total Bollywood legend! Fans call him ‘Bhaijaan’ because of his super cool and down-to-earth personality. He appeared in numerous hit movies, making him a huge star. In addition to his acting career, he is recognized for his big heart and all the charity work he does.

He has successfully portrayed a range of roles, from his soft boy era to a rugged era. Some of his best films include “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi,” and many others.

3. Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan is one of the best ’90s Bollywood actors who is recognized as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ because he puts so much thought and detail into everything he does in a movie. He is not only focused on action and thrills, his films often carry significant messages too and they’re always really well-made.

He is a genuine trendsetter in Bollywood and has produced hits such as Andaaz Apna Apna, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, and many more. 

4. Sunny Deol

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Sunny Deol, known for his intense screen presence and powerful dialogue delivery, is a legendary figure in Indian cinema. His distinctive style and action-packed roles have left an indelible mark on audiences. His portrayal of rugged heroes and patriotic characters has garnered widespread admiration and a loyal fan base.

5. Akshay Kumar

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Akshay Kumar, known as the ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood, is renowned for his versatility and dedication to his craft. With a career spanning action, comedy, and socially relevant films, he consistently produces bot-office hits. Beyond acting, his philanthropy and fitness advocacy have boosted his widespread appeal, establishing him as a beloved icon in Indian Cinema.

6. Ajay Devgn

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Ajay Devgn, a versatile actor in Bollywood, is renowned for his intense performances and understated charisma. His career spans various genres, from action to drama, where he captivates audiences with his commanding presence. His portrayal of rugged, no-nonsense characters has earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. Some of his best films include Ishq, Drishyam, Golmaal, and many more. 

7. Govinda

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Govinda, a legendary figure in Indian cinema, is known for his unmatched talent for comedy and energetic dance moves. Throughout his decades-long career, he has entertained audiences with his captivating charm and role versatility.

His unique style and comic timing have made him an icon in Bollywood. With movies like Coolie No.1, Hero No.1, and many more, the actor has himself become a number one star. 

8. Suniel Shetty

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Suniel Shetty, a versatile actor in Bollywood, is admired for his tough persona and strong screen presence. He has showcased his versatility with a career spanning action-packed roles and nuanced character portrayals. Beyond acting, he has made significant contributions to Indian cinema through entrepreneurship and fitness ventures solidifying his status as a respected figure in the industry.

9. Anil Kapoor

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Anil Kapoor, a stalwart of Indian cinema, is known for his enduring charisma and versatile performances. Throughout his decades-long career, he has depicted a diverse range of characters with profound sincerity.

Throughout his journey, he has consistently portrayed his characters with remarkable depth and conviction. Kapoor’s dedication to his craft is undeniable, evidenced by his boundless energy and enduring passion for acting. This dedication continuously shines through in his compelling performances which resonate with audiences worldwide.

10. Jackie Shroff

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Jackie Shroff, fondly known as the ‘Bhidu’ of Bollywood, is celebrated for his rugged charm and unique style. Jackie infuses every role with his distinctive style and passion, captivating audiences effortlessly. He’s one of those actors you can’t take your eyes off, and after all these years, his movies are still must-watches. It’s no surprise he has such a massive fan following – Jackie Shroff is the real deal!

The Bollywood actors of the 1990s didn’t just achieve box office success; they evoked laughter, tears, and cheers from us. Their charisma was undeniable, but it was their genuine talent that truly won our hearts. Even today, their movies hold a special spot in our streaming queues. 

Wrapping Up

These are the Top 10 Bollywood actors from the ’90s who have captivated lots of fans following from their tremendous acting, powerful action-packed roles, dramas, and much more. Their contribution to Indian cinema always be remembered.


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