Lee Jae Wook starrer The Impossible Heir: Release date and all you need to know | Web Series

Lee Jae Wook fans who fell in love with the Korean actor can now exhale a sigh of relief as their favourite leading man is returning with a brand new series, The Impossible Heir. Scheduled to roll out on a digital platform, this revenge drama series may also be known to some as Royal Loader (a literal translation of the Korean title). The upcoming Kdrama will centre around the solemn theme of racing for success.

Lee Jun Young (left), Lee Jae Wook (centre) and Hong Su Zu (right) take the lead as the titular trio of the upcoming Disney+ Kdrama.(Instagram / disneypluskr)
Lee Jun Young (left), Lee Jae Wook (centre) and Hong Su Zu (right) take the lead as the titular trio of the upcoming Disney+ Kdrama.(Instagram / disneypluskr)

Directed by Min Yeon Hong and written by Choi Won, the new title will again focus on survival against the cut-throat standards of social hierarchy as one strives for upward mobility. Here’s everything we know about the series releasing this February.

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The Impossible Heir release date

The Impossible Heir Episode 1 is slated to hit Disney+ on February 28, 2024. It remains to be seen whether the entire season will drop on the streaming platform on the same day. Disney+ Kdrama usually witness two-episode premieres weekly.

The episode count for the Lee Jae Wook Kdrama episode count hasn’t been revealed either. The last few releases (A Shop for Killers and Vigilante) followed a consistent pattern of having eight episodes per season. However, The Worst of Evil and Moving are some exceptions with an 8-episode+ run.

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The Impossible Heir cast

The leading titular trio includes Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young and Hong Su Zu. The upcoming series will also see Han Sang Jin, Choi Jin Ho, Kim Ho Jung and Lee Ji Hoon joining in as supporting cast members.

Lee Jae Wook is a well-known Korean actor who has now garnered a stable international fanbase from his previous works like Search: WWW and Extraordinary You. However, he became a prominent household name after leading the two seasons of the fantasy period drama Alchemy of Souls. He was last seen in an extended cameo on Death’s Game. Along with The Impossible Heir, he’s also set to play the male lead role in the upcoming 2024 Netflix series Hong Rang.

Lee Jun Young is a singer-actor who made his acting debut in the 2017 dramedy series Avengers Social Club. One may also recognise him from the 2018 series Goodbye to Goodbye and the 2019 drama Class of Lies.

Hong Su Zu, a rookie actor, also has her birthday today. She made her debut in 2020 with Lovestruck in the City. She even guest-starred in Sweet Home Season 2 and is now set to take on her first main role in the new Disney+ series.

The Impossible Heir Kdrama plot

Lee Jun Young plays Kang In Ha, the illegitimate son of a conglomerate owner who has been leading a life of poverty all this time. As the illegitimate heir, his family constantly reminds him that he’s not one of them.

Eventually getting tired of being treated like dirt, he enlists his ambitious childhood friend’s help, who’s been labelled a “murderer’s son”. Together, Kang In Ha and Lee Jae Wook’s Han Tae Oh embark on the journey to the top of the social chain, with plans to seize the company’s operations and take over what should’ve always been theirs. The ruthless drama series takes a vengeful turn as the best friend duo sets out to torment the ones who made their lives a living hell.

Joining in the revenge plot, Su Zu’s Na Hye Won decides to avenge her debt-collector parents, who the same conglomerate group had wronged. With all of their eyes on the prize, will they make it all the way to the top?


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