27th National Film Award of 1980

The 27th National Film Awards of 1980 marked a significant juncture in the Indian film industry, recognizing exceptional achievements in various cinematic endeavors. These awards, organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, celebrated the artistic brilliance, storytelling prowess, and technical innovation that define the diverse landscape of Indian cinema. Let’s delve into the details of this prestigious event that honored outstanding contributions in filmmaking during that year.

About the 27th National Film Awards

The 27th National Film Awards, a revered event in the Indian cinematic calendar, aimed to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of filmmakers, actors, directors, and technicians. The awards not only recognized their creative excellence but also served as a platform to showcase the diverse languages, cultures, and narratives that contribute to the rich tapestry of Indian cinema.

Award Categories

The 27th National Film Awards encompassed an array of categories, each designed to honor specific aspects of filmmaking. Here are some of the notable award categories:

  1. Best Feature Film: Recognizing the most outstanding full-length film that excelled in storytelling, direction, and overall impact.
  2. Best Direction: Honoring the director who exhibited exceptional vision and skill in guiding the film’s creative elements.
  3. Best Actor/Actress: Celebrating the performances of leading actors and actresses who breathed life into their characters.
  4. Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Recognizing the significant contributions of supporting cast members in enhancing the film’s narrative.
  5. Best Music Direction: Commending the mesmerizing compositions that added depth and emotion to the cinematic experience.
  6. Best Cinematography: Acknowledging the skillful capturing of visuals that transported audiences into the world of the film.

Winners of the 27th National Film Awards

Here’s a glimpse of the notable winners who were honored at the 27th National Film Awards:

Best Feature FilmSitakant Misra, Biplab Roy Chowdhury“Shodh”
Edida Nageshwara Rao, K. Viswanath“Sankarabharanam”
Best DirectionMrinal Sen“Ek Din Pratidin”
Best ActorNaseeruddin Shah“Sparsh”
Best ActressShoba“Pasi”
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Music DirectionK. V. Mahadevan“Sankarabharanam”
Best CinematographyRajan Kinagi“Shodh”
Kamal Nayak“Neem Annapurna”
Best EditingGangadhar Naskar“Ek Din Pratidin”
Best Playback Singer (Male)S. P. Balasubrahmanyam“Sankarabharanam”
Best Playback Singer (Female)Vani Jairam“Sankarabharanam”

Notable Films and Their Contributions

The 27th National Film Awards highlighted several noteworthy films that left an indelible mark on Indian cinema:

  1. “Shodh”: This Hindi film’s captivating narrative and brilliant cinematography earned it the Best Feature Film award.
  2. “Sankarabharanam”: This Telugu film not only won the hearts of audiences but also clinched awards for Best Feature Film with Mass Appeal, Wholesome Entertainment, and Aesthetic Value, as well as Best Music Direction.
  3. “Ek Din Pratidin”: Mrinal Sen’s directorial masterpiece, recognized for its direction and editing, delved into the complexities of human relationships.


Q: How are the winners selected for the National Film Awards? A: A distinguished jury panel of experts from the film industry evaluates and selects the winners based on their contributions in various categories.

Q: Were regional films recognized in the 27th National Film Awards? A: Absolutely. The awards celebrated excellence across languages and regions, showcasing the diverse talent present in Indian cinema.

Q: What is the significance of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award? A: The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest honor in Indian cinema, recognizing an individual’s outstanding and lasting contributions to the industry.

Q: How do the National Film Awards contribute to the film industry? A: The National Film Awards not only recognize and celebrate talent but also inspire filmmakers, actors, and technicians to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.

Q: Where was the 27th National Film Awards ceremony held? A: The venue for the 27th National Film Awards ceremony was [Location], where the winners were felicitated for their remarkable achievements.

The 27th National Film Awards of 1980 serve as a reminder of the exceptional cinematic achievements that continue to shape the Indian film industry. With diverse winners and compelling narratives, these awards celebrated the magic of storytelling and the dedication of those who contribute to the world of cinema.


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