33rd National Film Award of 1986

The National Film Awards in India hold a special place in recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements in the field of cinema. The 33rd National Film Awards, held in the year 1986, was a grand celebration of cinematic brilliance and creativity. This prestigious event showcased remarkable films, exceptional talents, and captivating narratives that continue to inspire generations of filmmakers and cinephiles.

About the 33rd National Film Award

The 33rd National Film Awards ceremony was a significant milestone in the history of Indian cinema. It aimed to acknowledge the dedication and effort that filmmakers, actors, directors, and various other professionals put into creating films that not only entertain but also reflect the diverse culture and stories of India.

Award Categories

The 33rd National Film Awards encompassed a wide range of award categories, recognizing various aspects of filmmaking. Some of the prominent categories included:

  • Best Feature Film: This category celebrated the overall excellence of a film, taking into account its storyline, direction, performances, and technical execution.
  • Best Direction: Recognizing the vision and skill of the directors in guiding the film’s artistic and narrative elements.
  • Best Actor/Actress: Honoring exceptional performances by male and female actors who brought characters to life with depth and authenticity.
  • Best Music Direction: Acknowledging the pivotal role of music in enhancing the emotional impact of the film.
  • Best Cinematography: Recognizing the visual storytelling through the lens, capturing the essence of the narrative in every frame.

Winners of the 33rd National Film Award

The winners of the 33rd National Film Awards represented a diverse array of talents and stories. Here’s a glimpse of some of the prominent winners:

Best Feature FilmMira Nair“Salaam Bombay!”
Best DirectionAparna Sen“36 Chowringhee Lane”
Best ActorNaseeruddin Shah“Paar”
Best ActressSmita Patil“Jait Re Jait”
Best Music DirectionLaxmikant-Pyarelal“Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge”
Best CinematographyGovind Nihalani“Tamas”

Notable Films of the Year

The 33rd National Film Awards also highlighted some remarkable films that left a lasting impact on the Indian cinema landscape. These films touched on a variety of themes and genres, showcasing the depth and breadth of storytelling in Indian movies.

  • “Salaam Bombay!”: Directed by Mira Nair, this film delved into the lives of street children in Mumbai, portraying their struggles and aspirations.
  • “36 Chowringhee Lane”: Aparna Sen’s film told the story of a lonely Anglo-Indian teacher in Kolkata and her relationship with her students.
  • “Paar”: Directed by Goutam Ghose, this film shed light on the challenges faced by villagers due to floods and social inequalities.


Q: How were the winners of the 33rd National Film Awards selected? A: The winners were selected by a panel of esteemed jury members from the film industry, who evaluated the submissions based on various criteria.

Q: Were regional films recognized at the awards? A: Yes, the National Film Awards have always celebrated the diversity of Indian cinema, with awards for regional films in different languages.

Q: What impact did winning a National Film Award have on the careers of the recipients? A: Winning a National Film Award often brought increased recognition and credibility to the recipients, helping to propel their careers and encouraging further excellence in their work.

Q: How has the National Film Awards ceremony evolved since then? A: Over the years, the National Film Awards ceremony has adapted to changes in the film industry and technology, while maintaining its focus on honoring cinematic achievements.

The 33rd National Film Awards of 1986 stand as a testament to the creativity, dedication, and passion of Indian filmmakers. These awards continue to remind us of the power of cinema to touch hearts, tell stories, and bridge cultural divides.


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