28th National Film Award of 1981

The National Film Awards hold a prestigious place in the Indian film industry, honoring exceptional talent and creativity across various categories. The 28th National Film Award ceremony, held in the year 1981, was yet another remarkable event that celebrated the achievements of the Indian film fraternity. This article delves into the significance of the 28th National Film Award, the winners who shone brightly in their respective categories, and some frequently asked questions about this illustrious event.

About the 28th National Film Award

The 28th National Film Award, an annual accolade presented by the Directorate of Film Festivals, recognizes outstanding contributions to Indian cinema. It is a platform that acknowledges the dedication and hard work of filmmakers, actors, technicians, and artists who bring stories to life on the silver screen. The award serves as a testament to the diverse and vibrant nature of Indian cinema and its impact on both the national and international stages.

Award Categories

The 28th National Film Award covered a wide array of categories, honoring excellence in different aspects of filmmaking. Some of the key award categories included:

  • Best Feature Film: Recognizing the overall best film of the year.
  • Best Direction: Awarding the director who exhibited exceptional vision and storytelling.
  • Best Actor: Celebrating the finest male performance of the year.
  • Best Actress: Commending the outstanding female performance of the year.
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Recognizing remarkable supporting roles.
  • Best Music Direction: Honoring excellence in crafting captivating film music.
  • Best Cinematography: Applauding exceptional visual storytelling through cinematography.
  • Best Editing: Recognizing the art of seamless and impactful editing.
  • Best Screenplay: Awarding the most compelling and innovative screenplay.
  • Special Jury Award: Acknowledging unique and noteworthy contributions.
  • …and more.

Winners of the 28th National Film Award

The winners of the 28th National Film Award showcased immense talent and creativity, contributing to the vibrancy of Indian cinema. Here are some of the notable winners in various categories:

Best Feature FilmArohanDirected by Shyam Benegal
Best DirectionK. G. GeorgeAdaminte Variyellu
Best ActorNaseeruddin ShahAakrosh
Best ActressSharadaShankarabharanam
Best Supporting ActorAmrish PuriAakrosh
Best Supporting ActressPramila JoshaiAhimsa
Best Music DirectionVijay Raghav RaoShankarabharanam
Best CinematographyApurba Kishore BirPallavi Anu Pallavi
Best EditingRenu SalujaAakrosh
Best ScreenplayB. V. KaranthGhatashraddha
Special Jury AwardMrinal SenAkaler Sandhane

Notable Mentions

Aside from the winners mentioned above, numerous other talented individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to Indian cinema during the 28th National Film Award ceremony. These awards highlight the collaborative effort of the entire film fraternity in creating impactful and memorable cinematic experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who organizes the National Film Awards? The National Film Awards are organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, an organization under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Q2: How are the winners selected? Winners are selected by a distinguished jury panel composed of experts and professionals from the film industry. The jury evaluates entries based on various criteria, including artistic merit, storytelling, technical excellence, and more.

Q3: What is the significance of the Special Jury Award? The Special Jury Award is conferred to individuals or films that possess unique qualities and contribute in exceptional ways to cinema. It recognizes innovation, experimental approaches, and exceptional storytelling.

Q4: How do the National Film Awards impact Indian cinema? The National Film Awards not only provide recognition and honor to the recipients but also play a crucial role in promoting quality filmmaking and encouraging the growth of Indian cinema on a national and international scale.

The 28th National Film Award of 1981 remains a testament to the creativity, dedication, and passion that define Indian cinema. It continues to inspire filmmakers and artists to push boundaries and tell stories that resonate with audiences across the globe.


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