31st National Film Award of 1984

The 31st National Film Awards held in 1984 were a remarkable testament to the excellence and innovation within the Indian film industry. This prestigious event celebrated outstanding achievements in various aspects of filmmaking, acknowledging the talents that continue to shape the cinematic landscape of the country.

About the Awards

The National Film Awards, established by the Government of India, stand as a prestigious recognition of cinematic brilliance. The 31st National Film Awards held in 1984 celebrated exceptional contributions made by filmmakers, actors, writers, and other creative talents across the nation. These awards not only honor artistic excellence but also reflect the diversity and cultural richness of Indian cinema.

Award Categories

The 31st National Film Awards covered a wide spectrum of categories, recognizing various aspects of filmmaking artistry. Some of the prominent categories included:

  • Best Feature Film: Acknowledging the overall excellence of a feature-length film.
  • Best Direction: Commending the director’s skill in guiding the creative vision of a film.
  • Best Actor and Actress: Celebrating outstanding performances by male and female actors.
  • Best Supporting Actor and Actress: Recognizing impactful supporting roles that contribute to the film’s narrative.
  • Best Music Direction: Commending exceptional composition and arrangement of music for films.
  • Best Cinematography: Applauding the visual storytelling achieved through skilled camera work.
  • Special Jury Award: Recognizing unique and exceptional contributions to cinema that may not fall within traditional categories.

Winners Table

The 31st National Film Awards showcased a plethora of winners who were honored for their exceptional contributions. Here’s a glimpse of some of the remarkable awardees:

Best Feature FilmAdi ShankaracharyaSanskrit – Directed by G. V. Iyer
Best DirectionMrinal SenKhandhar (Hindi)
Best ActorOm PuriArdh Satya (Hindi)
Best ActressShabana AzmiKhandhar (Hindi)
Best Music DirectionIlaiyaraajaSaagara Sangamam (Telugu)
Best CinematographyMadhu AmbatAdi Shankaracharya (Sanskrit)

And many more deserving winners across various categories.

Notable Mentions

Beyond the highlighted categories, the 31st National Film Awards celebrated excellence in various other aspects of filmmaking, such as editing, art direction, screenplay, and non-feature films. The event provided a platform to honor the dedication and creativity of individuals who contribute to the diverse world of Indian cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who organizes the National Film Awards?

A1: The National Film Awards are organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, under the Government of India.

Q2: How are the winners selected?

A2: Expert juries, consisting of individuals from the film industry, evaluate the submissions and select the deserving winners.

Q3: Are films from all languages eligible for the awards?

A3: Yes, the National Film Awards encompass films from various Indian languages, reflecting the nation’s cultural diversity.

Q4: Are documentaries and short films considered for these awards?

A4: Absolutely, documentaries and short films have their dedicated categories and are recognized for their contributions to Indian cinema.

Q5: What is the significance of the Special Jury Award?

A5: The Special Jury Award is given to recognize outstanding contributions that may not fit into conventional award categories, highlighting unique achievements in the field of cinema.

The 31st National Film Awards of 1984 celebrated the remarkable talent and innovation within the Indian film industry. The event paid homage to individuals who relentlessly push the boundaries of cinematic creativity, making an indelible impact on the art and culture of the nation.


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