30th National Film Award of 1983

The 30th National Film Awards held in 1983 marked a significant juncture in Indian cinema, recognizing and celebrating exceptional achievements within the film industry. This prestigious event honored outstanding talents and remarkable cinematic creations, highlighting the remarkable diversity and creativity of Indian filmmakers.

About the Awards

The National Film Awards, instituted by the Government of India, are a symbol of recognition and appreciation for excellence in Indian cinema. The 30th edition of these awards, hosted in 1983, showcased the dedication and ingenuity of filmmakers, actors, and technicians who contribute to the magic of the silver screen. These awards serve as a tribute to their tireless efforts and creative endeavors.

Award Categories

The 30th National Film Awards featured a spectrum of award categories, encompassing various aspects of filmmaking. From the Best Feature Film to Best Actor and Actress, each category recognized exceptional contributions to the cinematic art form. Here are some of the prominent categories:

  • Best Feature Film: Honoring the overall excellence of a feature-length film.
  • Best Direction: Recognizing the director’s vision and skillful guidance.
  • Best Actor and Actress: Celebrating outstanding performances by male and female actors.
  • Best Supporting Actor and Actress: Acknowledging noteworthy supporting roles.
  • Best Music Direction: Recognizing exceptional composition and arrangement of music.
  • Best Cinematography: Applauding visual storytelling achieved through cinematography.

Winners Table

Here’s a glimpse of the winners who shone at the 30th National Film Awards:

CategoryWinnerFilm Title
Best Feature Film“Chokh”Bengali
Best DirectionUtpalendu Chakrabarty“Chokh”
Best ActorKamal Haasan“Moondram Pirai”
Best ActressShabana Azmi“Arth”
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Music DirectionRamesh Naidu“Meghasandesam”
Best CinematographyBalu Mahendra“Moondram Pirai”

Note: Some categories might not have winners listed due to unavailability of data.

Notable Mentions

Apart from the aforementioned categories, the 30th National Film Awards also recognized excellence in writing, editing, art direction, and more. These categories shed light on the comprehensive efforts that contribute to crafting a compelling cinematic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who organized the 30th National Film Awards?

A1: The 30th National Film Awards were organized by the Government of India’s Directorate of Film Festivals.

Q2: How were the winners selected?

A2: A distinguished panel of experts from the film industry evaluated the entries and selected the winners for each category.

Q3: What is the significance of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

A3: The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest honor in Indian cinema, recognizing outstanding contributions to the film industry.

Q4: Which film won the Best Feature Film award?

A4: The Bengali film “Chokh” was awarded the Best Feature Film title.

Q5: Who were the winners in the acting categories?

A5: Kamal Haasan won the Best Actor award for “Moondram Pirai,” while Shabana Azmi received the Best Actress award for “Arth.”

The 30th National Film Awards of 1983 celebrated the creative brilliance and diverse talents of Indian cinema. This event served as a reminder of the remarkable impact that filmmakers, actors, and technicians have on the cultural fabric of the nation.


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