43rd National Film Award of 1996

The National Film Awards hold a prestigious place in the Indian film industry. They acknowledge outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. The 43rd National Film Awards, held in 1996, celebrated the excellence and diversity of Indian cinema across various categories. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable event.


The 43rd National Film Awards in 1996 recognized exceptional talent in Indian cinema, both in the mainstream and regional film industries. These awards honor various categories, including feature films, non-feature films, and outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. A jury of experts meticulously evaluated the entries to select the deserving winners.


Award Categories

Here is a table summarizing the key award categories:

Award CategoryAwardee(s)Awards
Lifetime Achievement AwardRajkumar (Actor, Playback singer)Swarna Kamal, ₹100,000, and a Shawl
Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)VariousCertificate and Cash Prize
Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)VariousCertificate and Cash Prize
Special Jury AwardShyam Benegal (Director)₹25,000
Special MentionUttara Baokar (Actor), Rohini (Actress), Benaf Dadachandji (Child actor)Certificate Only
Regional AwardsVarious₹20,000 Each
Non-Feature FilmsVarious₹20,000 Each (Golden Lotus Award), ₹10,000 Each (Silver Lotus Award)


Feature Films

Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)

  • Best Feature Film: Kathapurushan (Malayalam)
    • Producer: Adoor Gopalakrishnan
    • Director: Adoor Gopalakrishnan
    • Cash Prize: ₹50,000/-
    • Citation: For the remarkable portrayal of the individual born on the eve of Independence. The film gives an insight into the socio-political evolution of post-independent India through the individual with outstanding cinematic qualities and universal appeal.

Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)

  • Best Feature Film on National Integration: Bombay (Tamil)
    • Producer: Mani Ratnam and S. Sriram
    • Director: Mani Ratnam
    • Cash Prize: ₹30,000/-
    • Citation: For its bold and sensitive approach to the problem of communal divide and for bringing out the futility of the carnage in the name of religion.
  • Best Film on Family Welfare: Mini (Malayalam)
    • Producer: Madhu
    • Director: P. Chandrakumar
    • Cash Prize: ₹30,000/-
    • Citation: For the effective handling of the problem of alcoholism through the determined efforts of a young girl to save her father from self-destruction.
  • Best Actor: The Making of the Mahatma (English)
    • Rajit Kapur
    • Cash Prize: ₹10,000/-
    • Citation: For his extremely sensitive portrayal of Gandhi during his early years in South Africa with great restraint and control.
  • Best Actress: Bandit Queen (Hindi)
    • Seema Biswas
    • Cash Prize: ₹10,000/-
    • Citation: For her stunning and courageous portrayal of the controversial role of a bandit with grace and conviction.

For the complete list of winners, please refer to the official website of the National Film Awards.


Q1: How are the National Film Award winners selected? A1: A panel of experts, appointed by the government, reviews the entries and selects the winners based on various criteria, including artistic excellence and thematic relevance.

Q2: What is the significance of the Golden Lotus and Silver Lotus Awards? A2: These awards are highly prestigious and honor exceptional contributions to Indian cinema. The Golden Lotus is the highest honor, followed by the Silver Lotus.

Q3: Can non-feature films participate in the National Film Awards? A3: Yes, non-feature films, including documentaries and short films, are eligible for recognition at the National Film Awards.

The 43rd National Film Awards in 1996 celebrated the cinematic achievements of Indian filmmakers and artists, recognizing their dedication and creativity in portraying diverse stories on screen. These awards continue to inspire and encourage excellence in Indian cinema.


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