32nd National Film Award of 1985

The 32nd National Film Awards of 1985 marked another significant chapter in the history of Indian cinema. Recognizing exceptional talents and creative endeavors, these awards celebrated the remarkable contributions of filmmakers, actors, and various professionals to the world of Indian films.


The National Film Awards are a prestigious recognition of excellence within the Indian film industry. The 32nd edition of these awards, held in 1985, showcased the finest works in Indian cinema during that year. These awards not only honored outstanding achievements but also highlighted the diversity and vibrancy of Indian cinema.

About the Awards

The 32nd National Film Awards honored exceptional achievements in various categories of filmmaking. From Best Feature Film to Best Direction, Best Actor and Actress to Best Music Direction, these awards celebrated the diverse talents that come together to create captivating cinematic experiences. The event also recognized outstanding non-feature films and exceptional writing on cinema.

Award Categories

The 32nd National Film Awards encompassed a wide range of award categories, each acknowledging excellence in a specific aspect of filmmaking. Some of the prominent categories included:

  • Best Feature Film: Recognizing the overall brilliance of a feature-length film.
  • Best Direction: Celebrating the artistic vision and storytelling prowess of directors.
  • Best Actor and Actress: Commending outstanding performances by male and female actors.
  • Best Music Direction: Applauding the composition and arrangement of music for films.
  • Best Cinematography: Recognizing exceptional visual storytelling through cinematography.
  • Best Non-Feature Film: Honoring exceptional achievements in non-feature film categories.
  • Best Writing on Cinema: Recognizing exceptional literary contributions in the field of cinema.

Winners Table

The 32nd National Film Awards showcased a plethora of winners who left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Here’s a glimpse of some of the winners:

Golden Lotus Award

AwardAwardee(s)Awarded AsAwards
Dadasaheb Phalke AwardSatyajit RayFilm directorSwarna Kamal, ₹1,00,000, Shawl

Best Feature Film

FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
DamulHindiPrakash Jha (Producer), Prakash Jha (Director)₹50,000, ₹25,000

Best Direction

FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
MukhamukhamMalayalamAdoor Gopalakrishnan₹20,000

Best Actor

FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
PaarHindiNaseeruddin Shah₹10,000

Non-Feature Films

The 32nd National Film Awards also honored exceptional non-feature films:

Best Non-Feature Film

FilmLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Music of Satyajit RayEnglishUtpalendu Chakrabarty (Director)₹5,000

Best Writing on Cinema

Outstanding literary contributions to the realm of cinema were also recognized:

Best Book on Cinema

BookLanguageAwardee(s)Cash Prize
Chalachitrer AbirbhabBengaliJagannath Chathopadhyay₹5,000


1. What are the National Film Awards? The National Film Awards are prestigious honors given by the Government of India to recognize excellence in Indian cinema across various categories.

2. How are the winners selected? A panel of distinguished jury members evaluates the entries and selects the winners based on their merit and contribution to the field of cinema.

3. What is the significance of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award? The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is the highest honor in Indian cinema, recognizing a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the film industry.

4. How do these awards contribute to Indian cinema? These awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the talents, creativity, and cultural impact of the Indian film industry both nationally and internationally.

5. Who was the notable winner of the Best Direction award? Adoor Gopalakrishnan was honored with the Best Direction award for the Malayalam film “Mukhamukham.”

The 32nd National Film Awards of 1985 stand as a testament to the diverse and exceptional talents that continue to shape the vibrant landscape of Indian cinema.


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