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Emma Stone, the celebrated actress, recently shared her delight over the astounding success of her latest film, “Poor Things,” which has been nominated for a remarkable 11 Oscars. In a candid interview on Good Morning America, Stone expressed her gratitude and excitement for the film‘s recognition by the Academy.
“Poor Things,” directed by Alison Janney, is based on the book by Scottish author Alasdair Gray.The Gothic tale follows the journey of Belle Baxter, played by Stone, who faces tragedy and resurrection in Victorian-era Scotland. Stone portrays Belle, a strong and independent character, entangled in a romantic triangle amidst dramatic circumstances.The film has garnered widespread acclaim for its lavish production design, captivating performances, and gripping storyline. Stone, in particular, has been praised for her portrayal of Belle, earning her a nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars.
During her interview, Stone expressed her feelings of luck and gratitude for the film’s success. She described the nomination process as “very exciting” and expressed her gratitude to the Academy for recognizing “Poor Things” across multiple categories.
Mark Rylance, Stone’s co-star in the film, also shared his excitement for the nominations, praising the film as a “true labour of love” that explores timeless human themes.
Reflecting on her career highlights, including her previous win for Best Actress in “La La Land,” Stone remained modest, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to portray diverse characters and work on remarkable projects.
Stone discussed her love for the filmmaking process in a separate YouTube interview, praising Janney’s direction and the collaborative effort of the cast and crew.
As the Oscars ceremony approaches on March 6, Stone and the “Poor Things” team are hopeful but realistic about their chances. Regardless of the outcome, Stone expressed her excitement for a night of celebration with her co-stars.

“Poor Things” has received widespread critical acclaim since its release, with Stone’s performance earning praise as her most unforgettable role to date. Fans eagerly anticipate the Oscars to see if the film will receive further accolades.
In conclusion, Emma Stone’s joy and gratitude for the success of “Poor Things” highlight the collaborative effort and dedication of the cast and crew. As the film continues to captivate audiences and critics alike, its impact on the world of cinema remains undeniable.

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